Who and What is Taught in Prison?

So what do we teach in prison?  We work on adult basic education skills for those who aren’t literate.  The first goal is to reach 6th grade in reading, math, and language skills.  Once reached, the next goal is to pass the GED test.  Forty per cent of high school graduates in this country cannot pass the GED test.  It’s not as simple as many think.  So it is a major accomplishment for a man to move up to a level that allows him to pass the test.  After the GED is passed, there are other educational opportunities, including vocational programs and Purdue University classes which can lead to certifications and degrees.  Our vocational programs include classes in computers, marketing, horticulture, automobile repair, electronics, culinary arts, and construction trades. My colleagues and I are very dedicated to helping the men become contributors to society. This also lowers the possibility of them returning to prison.
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