The Lionheart Foundation – National Emotional Literacy Projects

In 1995, a nonprofit organization called the Lionheart Foundation published a book titled “Houses of Healing:A Prisoner’s Guide to Inner Power and Freedom.” The purpose of the book was to help incarcerated men and women a rehabilitative resource to help them end destructive lifelong patters if violence and addiction. Over 85,000 copies of this transformational powerhouse of a book are currently in circulation and are distributed freely to prison libraries and programs throughout the United States. Prison chaplains, educators, mental health counselors, administrators and prisoners themselves are applauding there positive impact that House of Healing have provided.

Additionally, a revised edition of Houses of Healing was written for at-youth-risk whose emotional, social and cognitive needs are different from incarcerated adults and as a consequence, House of Healing author, Robin Casarjian wrote, “Power Source:Taking Charge of Your Life.”

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