Washington County Oregon – Inmate Work Programs

Many inmates who commit non-violent crimes are eligible for the Work in Lieu of Jail Program (WILOJ) in Washington County, Oregon. Inmates benefit from a program such as this as they can fulfill their sentencing during the weekend without having to clog up the criminal justice system – and the communities within Washington County get the use of inmate/workers to help with community projects. 

Instead of spending 48 hours in jail, and costing tax-payers money to incarcerate them, selected inmates pay $25.00 per day to be part of the Work in Lieu of Jail Program,  where their services are used for 8 hours each Saturday & Sunday to fulfill their sentence. Inmates get the self-satisfaction of feeling a great way to re-pay their debt to society for the crime committed. The $25.00 per day helps to pay for the cost of their supervision,workers insurance and transportation used to get the inmates to the work site. 

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