Prisoners’ Right to Religious Freedom

The First Amendment protects “the free exercise” of religion, and this right extends to those in prisons and jails.  This has been established by the courts, see Cruz v. Beto, 405 U.S. 319, 322 (1972)(Buddhist prisoner has right to practice faith in prison), and by federal statutes. E.g., 42 U.S.C. sect; 2000cc et seq. (Religious

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More Colleges Announce Online-Only Course Methodologies

By Christopher Zoukis

The other day a good friend passed along a few letters which several schools had sent him concerning college-level correspondence education.  He was digging through the Distance Education and Training Council’s (DETC) directory of accredited schools and wrote to several concerning his own studies.  As a result of his letters, these schools responded that they either no longer — or never — offered paper-based college-level courses.  The goal of this post is to simply alert you as to which schools solely offer online-only course methodologies.  This way you won’t waste time contacting them on behalf of your incarcerated students.

The schools which informed him that they are online-only are as follows:

~ Aspen University

~Columbia Southern University           

~Texas Tech University

~Washington State University, Global Campus

~University College & Extension Services, California State University at Long Beach

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