Agape Family Network

Agape Family Network

Prevention, education and intervention are key components of helping at-risk people stay out of prison. People who suffer from mental illness and substance abuse often end up in prison and if their illness is not addressed, when released, many of these people will return to prison costing taxpayers thousands of dollars. 

Agape Family Network is a health care system based in South Florida that helps in the rehabilitation of people who have either mental illness or substance abuse as well as for people who have lost hope, and faith in life. 

Agape is a non-denominational faith-based Substance Abuse, Mental Health Residential Treatment Facility and Community Health Center based in Southern Florida. Agape incorporates spiritual health as well as rehabilitative techniques and programs creating a comprehensive integrated health care system that treats the whole family and person. The belief is that when individuals change their health and wellness, their though processes and belief systems change as well. 

Agape helps bring true change in which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full God-given potential.

To make this program comprehensive several aspects of rehabilitation must occur. Medical, home, education, supported employment, housing, hope, dignity, courage and faith. In addition, many life-skills are taught in the transition program that encourage individuals towards self-sufficiency. The life-skills facility has a gym, serenity garden and orchid greenhouse that helps some of the women in the program learn responsibility and nurturing. This helps them in the long run with learning to work with community, family and society. 

Programs include :

Mommy & Me helps to keep children out of the foster care system. 

Residential Programs help people with mental illness issues and substance abuse issues. 

Children of Inmates helps children with parents that are incarcerated

Outpatient Services help with psychiatric services, counseling, health and medication management.

South Florida Jail Ministries provides chaplain services to inmates

Visions Housing provides supportive housing program and wrap around services to help with the transition between homelessness and supervised settings.

Providing hope and change to those in society who need faith and support is what Agape Family Networks is all about. 

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