Montana Correctional Enterprises

Imagine wearing an embroidered shirt made by prison inmates. Within the prison system throughout the state of Montana, inmates are on a special work program that provides valuable vocational training skills that will help them find gainful employment when they are released form prison. To quote the Montana Correctional Enterprises  – “Working on the Inside – Succeeding on the Outside.”

The mission of the Montana Correctional Enterprises is to  provide employment and training opportunities to incarcerated individuals within the Montana correctional program. Benefits from this program include developing skills which help them with their chance for success upon release; reduces problems associated with offenders who sit idle; helps to build the inmates sense of self-worth through the accomplishment of goals and helps produce valuable quality products for government agencies.

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High-Tech Work Programs for Texas Inmates

Broken computers, white-clad technicians, electronics filling work benches – and tattooed prisoners fixing them – paints an unusual picture!

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice houses two computer repair labs, and each month inmate workers either fix or discard over 250,000 pounds of electronic equipment.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice is best known for creating work programs that make license plates, street signs, mattresses and soap. This is a forward moving direction for the Texas Correctional Industries. And one of the great benefits of the computer repair work program, is that it provides job training for up to 5,200 inmates. This helps cut costs for tax-supported entities across Texas.

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ICAN – Indiana Canine Assistant Network

People with disabilities are often helped in life with specially trained dogs, who help them with day-to-day tasks and give these folks unconditional love and support.

Prison inmates in the Indiana state prison system are provided life and job skills while incarcerated – having the opportunity to train these special dogs to help people with disabilities. Dogs, inmates and people with disabilities all receive the bond of love.

The mission of the Indiana Canine Assistant Network is to train and place assistance dogs with children and adults with disabilities, while providing life and job skills to offenders who train the dogs for service work inside Indiana correctional facilities.

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Cultivating Dreams – An Organic Garden for Women in Prison at CIW

Within the California Institution for Women, a women’s correctional facility located in Corona, California, a student-run nonprofit organization called, Cultivating Dreams, helps the incarcerated women tend to an organic garden.

This dynamic program is a collaborative effort of volunteers from the Claremont College community and both students and women inside the prison work together to manage and maintain the gardens. All of the fresh produce goes right into the kitchen of the prison, where the women get the rewards of being able to eat healthy organic food that they have grown.

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DAWGS in Prison – Developing Adoptable Dogs With Good Sociability

Dogs with poor social skills meet prison inmates with poor social skills and what is born is DAWGS in Prison. DAWGS is an acronym for Developing Adoptable Dogs With Good Sociability. The  DAWGS in Prison program is in partnership with the St. Joseph Humane Society and the Gulf Correctional Institution in Florida.

The mission for the DAWGS in Prison program is to provide training and education for both inmate and dog, resulting id permeant homes for the dogs, viable job skills for the inmate and productive jobs and a law-abiding life upon release.

Everything changed in my life in order for me to be responsible enough to take care of one of God’s precious creations. DAWGS gave me the wisdom to see what kind of changes were needed in my life

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