Correctional Education Association

Correctional Education Association

During these economic, political, and societal hard times, it is good to know that there is an organization that is dedicated to professional correctional educators–and that there is a strong group of educators that care about the successful rehabilitation of prisoners through education.

The Correctional Education Association is an organization that has been established for educators who are in the criminal and/or juvenile justice setting.

The Correctional Education Association is aimed towards educators in the criminal system who wish to improve their education techniques, to help improve the organization’s efficiency and sustainability, to be a strong force in improving the public image and perception of the essential power of prison education, and to be a support and networking for person educators.

Education is an effective rehabilitative program enabling detained and adjudicated juvenile and adult students to reassess their values, goals, and priorities in life in a positive way, while acquiring the personal, social, and technical skills necessary for a successful and permanent reentry into society as productive citizens, parents, and coworkers.

The mission of the Correctional Education Association is to:

  1. Prepare correctional students for successful reentry into society by equipping them with academic, career/technical, and personal/social skills.
  2. To support correctional educators in providing quality educational programs with opportunities for leadership, networking, publication, professional development, and personal growth.
  3. To increase community awareness and legislative support for correctional education through public relations and legislative advocacy.

This is a powerful network and support group for correctional educators who provide a much-needed service to prisoners and society under difficult circumstances.

With a vision to be the leader in providing a professional association, both nationally and internationally, the Correctional Education Association realizes that together, as a group and organization, educators have access and support to provide better and broader education and to be involved in political and social agencies for change. And, of course, the Correctional Education Association strongly believes that through education, incarcerated adults and juveniles will learn personal, social, and technical skills that will prepare them for successful reentry into society as productive citizens, parents, and coworkers.

The Correctional Education Association is membership-based, with several levels to choose from. Please read further here for more information on membership.

The Correctional Education Association holds a Leadership Forum each year. In April of 2012, the Leadership Forum will be held in Columbia, MD, and will include topics such as workforce readiness programs, best practices in correctional education study, GED and computer-based assessment projects, and best models for delivery of post-secondary education. Please read more here for information on this important Leadership Forum.

In addition, the Correctional Education Association provides professional development courses for correctional educators’ continuing education. Online courses vary and include topics such as Reflective Practice in Correctional Education, Fundamentals, Facilitating At-Risk Student Learning, Basic Financial Literacy, Conflict Resolution, and more. Please read more here for course information and registration.