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Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Oklahoma Center for Independent and Distance Learning is to create and deliver flexible, high-quality college courses via distance learning formats accessible to all students.

Q:  What are the differences between Distance Learning and Independent and Distance Courses?

A:  The differences between the two courses are time and flexibility. With Distance Learning courses, you will complete your coursework and follow a course schedule set by your instructor, which will be term-based, such as Fall, Spring, or Summer. You must be a degree-seeking student to enroll in term-based online courses.

Self-paced courses are self-directed 180-day online courses, and you can enroll at any time throughout the year.  Tuition and fees for self-paced courses are based on in-state rates for all students. All exams must be proctored.  Please review policies for exams under the Proctored Exam Policy section of our website.

The differences between the two courses are time and flexibility.

Student Services
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Center for Independent and Distance Learning
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Office hours
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We are able to put the full course on a CD-ROM disc, and they can complete the entire course this way while also having access to instructors if needed.

College Courses

Self-Paced Courses

Self-paced and self-directed 180-day online courses; enroll at any time.

Full admission to OU is not required, but you will be admitted to the Independent Campus for enrollment; OU students need permission (override) from the college advisor, which the CIDL office will request.

Self-Paced Term tuition of $175.00 per credit hour, additional per credit hour fees of $145.55. Rates apply to all students, residents, and non-residents.

Students work at their own pace and must complete the course within 180 days; Exams must be proctored.  Find these courses listed on our website at or through ONE under Self-paced Term, Independent Campus.

All students (OU- and non-OU) will request enrollment through CIDL at Self-Pace Course Request Form. If an OU student, CIDL will request permission for you to enroll. If you are a Non-OU student and have never attended OU, you will be admitted to the Independent Campus so enrollment credentials can be created. CIDL will contact you once this has been completed, and all students must verify the date they wish to enroll in the course.  Students are NOT allowed to enroll themselves in Self-paced courses.

Course enrollment DOES NOT count toward full-time or part-time status. Federal financial aid can’t be used to pay for self-paced courses.

Term-Based Courses

  • Full- or half-semester in length during fall and spring; offered for four or eight-week blocks during OU summer term.
  • OU students only; must be admitted to OU.
  • OU tuition and fees apply based on student status.
  • Fixed due dates for assignments and exams based on course schedule and syllabus; Exams must be proctored.
  • Term-based courses are sections 300-306 only.
  • Enroll via ONE; campus is an “Independent Campus” listed under Fall, Spring, or Summer term.
  • Course enrollment DOES count toward full-time or part-time status and flat-rate tuition calculations.