University of New Mexico Distance Learning

University of New Mexico Distance Learning

Correspondence courses offer students a flexible, convenient alternative to earn college credit for those who cannot attend regular classes. In addition, they provide an opportunity for all UNM students located anywhere to add to their credit hours in their degree programs. Lower and upper-division courses spanning a wide range of disciplines are available for registration. Many degrees allow, with some restrictions, up to 30 credit hours of correspondence courses to be applied toward graduation.


Students currently admitted to UNM are eligible to register for Correspondence Courses through the Correspondence Office during specified registration periods. Students not currently admitted must apply either for readmission or non-degree admission online or through the Admissions Office located at the One Stop in Mesa Vista Hall (Albuquerque main campus) or at the One Stop located at 1155 University SE at the corner of University and Cesar Chavez (across the street from “The Pit” in Albuquerque). Complete admissions information is available at (click on “Apply to UNM”) or call 505-277-2446. Once admitted to UNM, complete the Application for Correspondence form to register for your correspondence classes.


If you were previously enrolled as an undergraduate at UNM but have not taken a course for three or more sessions, including the summer session, you must apply for readmission. An application to the Admissions Office is required, and the cost is $15.00 to reapply. If you attended one or more universities since you were last enrolled at UNM, official transcripts from each institution are required.

Non-Degree Admission

The Non-Degree Credit Program allows students to earn academic credit without being admitted into a degree-granting unit. For complete details, please visit Once the admissions process is complete and registration eligibility occurs, complete the Registration for Correspondence Course Form.

Note: Most degree-granting units place an upper limit on the number of non-degree credits they will allow for graduation, so students intending to earn a degree at UNM should check with their intended degree-granting unit about its non-degree policy.

Note: Students in Non-Degree status are not eligible to receive financial aid.


Independent Study Through Correspondence

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