A urinal (pronounced or ) is a toilet-like plumbing fixture for urination only. It can take the form of a container or simply a wall, with drainage and automatic or manual flushing. While urinals are generally intended for use by males, it is also possible for females to use them. The different types of male urinal, for single users or trough designs for multiple users, are intended to be utilized from a standing position. Designers of urinals for women have adopted various approaches: some intending the user to “hover” over the unit, facing away from it, others intending the user to stand facing the urinal, with or without a female urination device. While uncommon due to restroom segregation, it is possible for females to use male urinals. Public urinals usually have a plastic mesh guard, which may contain a deodorizing urinal deodorizer block or “urinal cake”. The mesh is intended to prevent solid objects (such as cigarette butts, feces, chewing gum, or paper) from being flushed and possibly causing a plumbing stoppage. In some restaurants, bars, and clubs, ice may be put in the urinals, serving some of the same purposes as the deodorizing block. The term may also apply to a small building or other structure containing such toilets. It can also refer to a small container in which urine can be collected for medical purposes, or for use where access to toilet facilities is not possible, such as in small aircraft or for the bedridden.