Georgia Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Georgia Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Federal criminal cases are overwhelming to go through, leaving many people to feel hopeless if they’ve been accused of anything. The good thing to remember is that your case doesn’t end even if you get sentenced: you have the right to fight for your side of the story.

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You’ll need a Georgia federal criminal defense attorney to do what’s right as soon as you are accused or go to prison. Here are the facts you should know if facing a federal criminal case in Georgia.

Why a Federal Crime Lawyer in Georgia instead of a Criminal Attorney?

Federal crime lawyers are there to cover cases that have been investigated and presided over by federal employees. This means it’s investigated by agencies like the DEA, ICE, or FBI, and that it goes before a district court to decide whether the accused is guilty or not.

The sentencing for federal crime is usually more severe than usual state cases, meaning that prison sentences are longer, and the fines are higher for those found guilty of these crimes than those who are found guilty of similar crimes at a state level.

When Would You Need a Georgia Federal Crime Attorney?

Although the line between federal and state criminal cases may feel thin, it’s easy to see if you start to compare them. The following are some federal crimes, what makes them federal, and how to distinguish between the two easily.

Failure to Appear on Felony Offense

If you post bail and refuse to appear to court for a felony offense, you’re setting yourself up for a lot of trouble. There are massive fines and added jail time, depending on what crime you were due in court for.

When an individual willfully fails to pay child support, it can be taxing on the child and the parent who has custody. Although this is already a rough crime to face, it’s made worse when you live in a different state than your child. This distinction can make it a federal crime, especially if the past due amount is longer than 12 months or more than five thousand dollars. 

Armed Robbery

Armed robbery is usually charged as a state crime: but there are some times when federal charges come into place instead. If this armed robbery happens at a bank, against a government official, or on federal property, it’s immediately elevated to a federal crime. This comes with far longer sentences and higher fines.


Similar to armed robbery, this is something that’s generally viewed as a crime against individuals on the state level: this is considered a federal crime if it’s done on government property or against an employee of the government.

False Bail

This crime takes money or falsely pays money into the court, and because of this is a federal crime regardless of whether or not it’s against a federal court. So it’s important that if you post bail, the money used is correctly paid to the court.

Does Landing in Federal Prison Mean It’s Too Late to Contact a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer in Georgia?

Thankfully, landing in federal prison doesn’t have to be the end for you if you’ve already been convicted. Instead, take this time to build up your case and find a way out of the legal hot water you’re in. If your lawyer didn’t work well enough for you, seek out someone you can trust, like the Zoukis Consulting Group, who can go over your rights and give you a chance at a better outcome.

Keep your head down, work hard to stay out of trouble (despite how easy it is to find in prison), and you may have a good shot at reducing your sentence.

The District Courts of Georgia

Georgia has three district courts, with the northern one covering Atlanta and the most northern areas, the southern one covering areas like Albany, and the central one handling the vast populations in between. Please get to know which court you might end up in and research how they’ve handled federal cases like yours before.

Hire the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer in Georgia

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