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Being arrested for a Hawaii federal crime is a life-altering experience. While it can feel as though the world is falling apart, a Hawaii federal criminal defense attorney will help you put the pieces back together. Your attorney will understand federal criminal cases’ complex laws and procedures. Contact a Hawaii federal criminal defense lawyer today to discuss your case and the next steps.

Hawaii Federal Criminal Defense Attorney | Hawaii Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Hawaii Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys

The Zoukis Consulting Group and our Hawaii federal criminal defense attorney network represent clients across Hawaii in various matters. Our extensive legal experience and law knowledge allow us to provide our clients with the best possible defense.

There are many different types of federal criminal offenses, including:

Sometimes, a person may be charged with state and federal crimes, depending on the jurisdictions involved.

If you are accused of a federal crime, it is crucial to understand the implications of this charge. Federal crimes are prosecuted in the U.S. District Court for the District of Hawaii. If convicted, you face harsher penalties than if you were convicted of a state crime.

An experienced Honolulu, Hawaii, federal criminal defense lawyer can help you navigate the federal criminal justice system. We are committed to defending you and achieving the best possible outcome in your case.

Contact us immediately for a consultation if you or someone you know is charged with a crime in federal court.

How Federal Crimes are Prosecuted in Hawaii

While most criminal prosecutions in the United States occur in state courts, some actions fall under the federal government’s jurisdiction. For example, certain offenses on federal property, such as military bases or national parks, are subject to federal prosecution.

Additionally, crimes that cross state or international borders may fall under the federal government’s jurisdiction. In these cases, both federal and state authorities may be able to prosecute a given defendant.

At the heart of this process is a criminal law principle known as “concurrent jurisdiction.” This means that federal and state prosecutors can pursue similar crimes in different jurisdictions.

However, there are also certain offenses for which one agency alone has jurisdiction over the prosecution. This is known as “exclusive jurisdiction.” These include counterfeiting currency and committing tax fraud across state lines. These are investigated by federal law enforcement and prosecuted in federal courts.

Despite these subject matter and location variations, however, one thing is clear: a rigorous and efficient criminal justice system requires close cooperation between all levels of government at both the federal and state levels. Likewise, competent and experienced defense counsel is critical to defending against criminal allegations.

Examples of Federal Crimes in Hawaii

No one wants to be accused of a federal crime. However, it’s essential to know your rights and what you could be facing if you are convicted of a federal crime. This section presents several common examples of federal crimes.

The following are a few of the most frequent federal offenses. Clicking on the links within each section will provide more information about each type of crime. And don’t hesitate to contact a Hawaii federal criminal defense lawyer if you have other questions.

Federal Forgery Charges

Forgery is a federal crime committed in numerous ways. The most common way to commit forgery is to sign someone else’s name on a document without permission. Another way to commit forgery is to create a fake document or alter an existing document with the intent to defraud someone. Forgery can also involve creating or modifying a check, money order, or other financial documents.

You could face up to fifteen years in federal prison if convicted of forgery. Additionally, restitution may be ordered. It is essential to seek legal representation if you are charged with forgery, as these charges can carry severe penalties.

Federal Child Pornography Charges

Federal child pornography laws make it a crime to possess, receive, or distribute any material that depicts a minor engaged in sexual activity. Penalties for violating these federal laws can be extremely severe, and convicted offenders may be required to register as sex offenders.

In addition to traditional forms of child pornography, related crimes exist. For example, federal laws also prohibit so-called “virtual child pornography” generated using computer graphic imaging. Although virtual child pornography does not involve actual minors, it is still illegal under federal law.

Federal prosecutors take these cases very seriously, and defendants can expect to face significant prison time if convicted. Contact a Hawaii federal criminal defense attorney immediately if federal agents execute a search of your home or business. Early intervention is critical in mitigating potential criminal liability.

Federal Firearm Crimes

A person commits a federal firearm crime when they knowingly violate federal law regulating firearms’ sale, possession, or use. Federal firearm crimes are typically punished more harshly than state-level firearm crimes, as the federal government has greater resources to prosecute such crimes.

Some of the most common federal firearm crimes include:

  • Illegal Possession of a Firearm
  • Illegal Sale or Transfer of a Gun
  • Using a Firearm in Connection with a Federal Crime

Contact a Hawaii federal criminal defense lawyer immediately if you are arrested for a federal firearm offense. These crimes carry draconian federal sentencing guidelines. Early intervention is required to avoid spending significant time in federal prison.

Federal Kidnapping Charges

Kidnapping is a federal crime punished more harshly than kidnapping at the state level. The federal government has greater resources for prosecuting kidnapping cases, so those convicted of kidnapping are more likely to face harsher penalties.

Some of the most common federal kidnapping charges include kidnapping for ransom, kidnapping with the intent to commit another crime, and hostage-taking.

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