Kentucky Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Living through accusations of breaking the law can be harrowing: this is even worse if the laws are federal and place you in need of a Kentucky federal criminal defense attorney from the Zoukis Consulting Group.

From stopping yourself from placing more incriminating information in the courts’ hands to what to do if you’re already in federal prison: this is everything, someone should know about federal laws in Kentucky.

Why a Federal Crime Attorney in Kentucky instead of a Criminal Attorney?

If you’re in a situation where you need to hire a Kentucky attorney because you’re being charged with a federal crime: it’s important that you ensure you find the best lawyer for your situation.  Every lawyer specializes in something specific, so you can’t simply hire the first one you see.  

Seek a lawyer who’s successfully defending clients against federal criminal charges or who has been able to get sentences reduced to something more reasonable.  Although you may assume that your innocence alone is enough to win a court case, unfortunately, in many cases it’s not enough to protect you from being found guilty if there’s evidence stacked against you. You need legal aid that can make your innocence more obvious.

When Would You Need a Kentucky Federal Crime Lawyer?

There’s always a need for the right legal aid: but when is it the right time to hire a federal crime lawyer in Kentucky?  These are examples of federal crimes to help you understand the difference between them and state crimes.


Racketeering is a pattern of illegal activity that controls a business through certain crimes or income from those crimes.  This is a federal crime because it poses a threat to the financial institution of this country, which can only be charged federally.

Radiological Dispersal Devices

The use of radiological dispersal devices, also known as dirty bombs, is immediately a federal crime regardless of where it’s used or who it’s used against.  These devices are intended to endanger human life through the release of radioactivity or radiation, often combined with conventional explosives. 

Medical/Health Care Fraud

Medical and health care fraud is considered a federal crime because it attacks two different parts of the government.  Not only does this attack financial institutions, but it also can damage the healthcare system that’s there to handle legitimate patients.  This can be done by falsely using someone else’s insurance or by lying about prior illnesses or disabilities that need to be reported.

Missile Systems Designed to Destroy Aircraft

As an explosive device that can harm human life and something that travels, this is immediately a federal crime with no state crime equivalent.  This puts human life at major risk and costs the government money to repair or replace the aircraft if it’s a military vessel. 

Ransom Money

Possession of ransom money is a federal crime because it’s almost always tied into kidnapping, which is at times beyond state borders.  This puts financial institutions at risk, can be a part of human trafficking, and is something that carries lofty sentences.

The District Courts of Kentucky

Kentucky has two different districts and ten courthouses where you might have to work with a Kentucky lawyer to defend yourself.  Although both of these districts offer the same amount of professionalism, the eastern district has a long history with federal crimes since it’s home to most of Kentucky’s five federal prisons.  Get to know the judge you’ll be facing, and work to create a defense for yourself based on what you find.

What to do When You Need a Federal Crime Lawyer in Kentucky

If you’ve been accused of a crime, you must take the time to seek a lawyer out as soon as possible.  Avoid posting on social media or talking to the people around you about what happened: and under no circumstances should you speak to the police without a Kentucky attorney present.  This includes if they try to search your property without a warrant.  Please don’t give them anything to work off of, and seek legal aid the moment you can.

Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Kentucky Now

You deserve representation that takes you seriously and is willing to fight for you every step of the way.  Contact the Zoukis Consulting Group to discuss the best game plan to get you to the other side of this issue.  Whether you’re accused of a crime, or you’re already in federal prison and want to reopen your case, we’ll help you.