Louisiana Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Louisiana Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

We’re all innocent until found guilty, but being innocent while going through a court case doesn’t feel any better than going through it while guilty. Without the right Louisiana federal criminal defense lawyer at your side, this can be a stressful experience.

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This is a rundown of everything you should know and understand if you’re facing accusations of breaking federal laws.

Why a Federal Crime Lawyer in Louisiana instead of a Criminal Attorney?

Any federal crime goes against the United States Code, setting it apart from state crimes, which are offenses described in state criminal codes. The largest difference in many federal criminal cases is the jurisdiction of where the crime was committed and who the crime was committed against. 

Every Louisiana attorney understands the importance of their clients’ freedom, but federal crime lawyers are a step ahead. These pros know how to protect their clients best and go out of their way to research the judges and courthouses they’ll be defending them in to ensure no bias could hurt the case.

When Would You Need a Louisiana Federal Crime Attorney?

There’s always a need for the right legal aid: but when is it the right time to hire a federal crime attorney in Louisiana? These are examples of federal crimes to help you understand the difference between them and state crimes.

Probation Violation

Probation violation is only considered a federal crime if it’s probation from a federal crime or if you cross state or country borders. Probation is there to help people get their life back in order without crime available to them, and by breaking it, you show that you’re not ready for a life on the outside.

Retaliating Against a Witness, Victim, or an Informant

Without witnesses, our current court system would fall apart. Everyone deserves their right to a fair day in court, which means that witnesses should be allowed to talk on behalf of whatever the truth is. However, if a witness is threatened or harmed, it takes away their ability to state what happened fairly. This can be devastating to the justice system.


Robbery is a federal crime when it’s against a financial institution, done on government property, or against a government employee. This stands true whether or not the assailant realized this was a government employee when they robbed them.

Product Tampering

Product tampering has been a federal crime since the 1980s when a Tylenol tampering case took multiple lives due to an individual lacing bottles with cyanide. People deserve to be able to have faith in the products they purchase, and this law supports it.

Prohibition of Illegal Gambling Businesses

Gambling isn’t legal in every state: those that have made it illegal are all protected by federal law if someone tries to run a gambling business. Gambling, when done illegally, is a threat to the financial institutions of the US and is always immediately charged as a federal crime.

Does Landing in Federal Prison Mean It’s Too Late to Contact a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer in Louisiana?

Being found guilty, and being sentenced, don’t mean that you’ve reached the end of your case. You can still seek help and find it through a Louisiana attorney. Let them know everything about your case, tell them what you think might have gone wrong, and be honest with them about everything.

If you can keep your head down in prison and find the patience to work through the system, there’s a chance your sentence can be reduced or that your case could even be reopened.

The District Courts of Louisiana

Louisiana is a large state with a stretched population, and because of this, it’s home to three different districts. Each of these districts has its own unique history of handling federal crimes, but all of them are known to leave harsher sentences for federal crimes than they do for state-level crimes. Get to know the courthouse and judge you’re appointed, and work with your Louisiana lawyer to build your court case around what you find.

Hire the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer in Louisiana

Nothing can be as scary as facing an accusation of breaking federal laws and not knowing what to do next. Seek out legal aid, and contact the Zoukis Consulting Group so that we can help you work through your case and come out clear on the other side.