Federal Prison Scholarship

The Zoukis Consulting Group is a federal prison consultancy specializing in federal prison preparation, resolution of in-prison matters, and reentry success. Each year, we award a $1,000 Federal Prison Scholarship to an undergraduate, graduate, or law school student who desires to promote equitable and sensible criminal justice policies.

This is an annual, revolving scholarship program. Each year, our staff reviews applications in July to select a winner. Applications are due by Friday, July 24, and winners are announced on August 28.

Federal Prison Scholarship

Why is the Zoukis Consulting Group Offering the Federal Prison Scholarship?

We believe it is the moral imperative of those in the federal criminal defense sector to help shape legal minds and provide the resources necessary to help students interested in federal criminal defense and criminal justice reform pursue their ambitions. Through the awarding of our Federal Prison Scholarship, we aim to support students financially who are interested in making a real and meaningful impact on America’s criminal justice system.

Key Federal Prison Scholarship Information

  • A scholarship of $1,000 is awarded annually.
  • There is no cost to apply for this scholarship.
  • Scholarship funds are provided directly to the student.
  • The scholarship winner is announced Friday, August 28.

Eligibility Requirements

    • Students must currently be attending a regionally accredited paralegal, undergraduate, graduate, or law school program located in the United States.
    • Students must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA.
    • While not a requirement, strong preference is given to students who have been touched by America’s criminal justice system, whether personally, through their family, or as a result of their community.

    Application Requirements and Instructions

    Students must submit an application packet consisting of the following materials:

    A cover letter including:

    • Stated interest in applying for the scholarship
    • Discussion of pertinent background information
    • Discussion of how the criminal justice system has impacted them, their family, or their community (not to be published)
    • Authorization for the Zoukis Consulting Group to publish the enclosed essay whether or not the applicant is selected as the award recipient
    • A digital signature.

    The essay should conform to the following standards:

    • Between 1,000 and 5,000 words in length identifying problems in the criminal justice system and presenting workable solutions
    • While topic selection remains with the applicant, applicants are encouraged to write about matters related to the federal criminal justice system and the Federal Bureau of Prisons (e.g., federal sentencing reform, mandatory minimum reform, the intended purpose of incarceration in federal prison, issues concerning prisoners and their families, etc.).

    The completed application packet is to be submitted to [email protected].

    Is there an application fee for this scholarship?


    What is the total value of this scholarship?

    The scholarship awards $1,000 to one student annually.

    How often is this scholarship available?

    This is an annual scholarship. One student each year will be selected.

    Who is eligible to apply for this scholarship?

    Any student in a regionally accredited paralegal, undergraduate, graduate, or law school program is eligible to apply.

    Is there a GPA requirement?

    Yes. Students must maintain a 2.5 GPA to apply for this scholarship.

    What should be included in the scholarship application?

    Applicants must submit an email including 1) a stated interest in applying for the scholarship; 2) a discussion of pertinent background information; 3) a discussion of how the criminal justice system has impacted them, their family, or their community (not to be published); 4) authorization for the Zoukis Consulting Group to publish the enclosed essay whether or not the applicant is selected as the award recipient; and 5) a digital signature. Additionally, an essay should be enclosed.

    What are the requirements of the essay?

    The essay should identify problems in the American criminal justice system and present workable solutions. While we are particularly interested in essays that discuss the federal criminal justice system, essays that address criminal justice reform at the state level are also permissible.

    Is there a word or page count requirement for the essay?

    The essay should be between 1,000 and 5,000 words in length.

    Should the essay adhere to a particular style guide?

    Yes. All essays should adhere to either the Blue Book or American Psychological Association style guides. Law school students should adhere to Blue Book, while those not should conform to the APA style guide. Students not in law school have the option of adhering to the Blue Book style as well.

    What criteria will be used to evaluate the essay?

    The most important criterion is that the essay identifies a significant issue and presents a workable solution. While broad in scope, our objective is to promote scholarship and critical thinking about criminal justice reform. Essays will also be evaluated for the presentation of critical thinking skills, innovative ideas, writing quality, and, most importantly, the clear identification of a significant problem in America’s criminal justice system and a workable solution to this problem.

    Will the winning essay be published?

    Yes. The winning essay will be published on the Zoukis Consulting Group website. Additionally, select other essays will also be published on our website. The essays will also be promoted via our social media channels.

    How do applicants submit their Federal Prison Scholarship application materials?

    Please email your applications to [email protected].

    How are winners notified?

    The winning applicant will be notified via email. We ask that you include a phone number or a backup email address when submitting your application.

    Are there restrictions on the use of the scholarship funds?

    We ask that the scholarship funds be used for academic purposes. For example, tuition, educational fees, and textbooks are permissible uses.

    Are there restrictions on what school the student is attending?

    No. But we ask that applicants currently attend or be accepted to a regionally accredited paralegal program, college, university, or affiliated law school.

    How can I learn more about the Zoukis Consulting Group’s Federal Prison Scholarship?

    Please email us at [email protected].