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U.S. federal courts take counterfeit bearer obligation crimes very seriously, with some convictions leading to millions of dollars in fines/penalties and long prison sentences. 

That’s why you will need expert representation for your fake U.S. bonds case.

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Understanding Counterfeit Bearer Obligations of the U.S.

According to the U.S. Code, Counterfeit Bearer Obligations of the U.S. (2B5.1) concerns fake unregistered assets. Examples of applicable items include:

  • Fake currency
  • Postage stamps
  • Food stamps
  • Treasury bills

For our purposes, however, we will focus on how this federal law applies to fake bearer bonds.

What Are Bearer Bonds? 

In the late 1800s, the U.S. began issuing bearer bonds to fund Reconstruction efforts. Owners could buy these assets, allow them to accrue interest, and cash them in later. 

A key characteristic of bearer bonds is that they keep the owner’s identity completely anonymous. Because there is no record of the transaction, the physical paper bond is the only way to redeem its value. 

This anonymity was particularly appealing to those involved in tax evasion and money laundering. They would use these virtually untraceable assets to participate in illegal activities. 

Offenses Under Counterfeit Bearer Obligations of the United States (2B5.1)

All U.S. bearer bonds are mature, and the U.S. Treasury no longer issues them. However, people still try to make counterfeit treasury bonds. 

Federal law 2B5.1 deems it illegal to manufacture these counterfeit bonds. A court may convict you if you are responsible for the manufacturing process or even if you were in the possession of counterfeiting devices/materials.

Defendants can also face legal trouble if they produce fake U.S. bonds by altering real assets. For instance, they might change the date or value on the paper.  

Note that if you use fake bearer bonds as part of tax evasion or money laundering schemes, you may also face fraud charges under 2B1.1. 

2B5.1 Specific Offense Characteristics 

A conviction under 2B5.1 starts with a base offense level of 9. This number indicates the seriousness of your fake bearer bonds crime. 

Depending on specific offense characteristics, your crime may be classified under a higher offense level. A higher offense level almost always translates to higher fines and longer sentences. 

Here’s a look at important specific offense characteristics related to fake U.S. bonds:

  1. Face value. If the face value of the counterfeit treasury bonds is between $2,500 and $6,500, your offense level increases by 1. If the face value is higher than $6,500, refer to the table in 2B1.1.
  2. Weapons. If a dangerous weapon such as a firearm was involved in the crime, the offense level increases by 2.
  3. Location of the crime. If the crime occurred outside of the U.S., the offense level increases by 2.

What Your Federal Case Will Look Like 

Counterfeit bonds cases are complicated and can have many outcomes. For instance, a private party like an individual or business might bring civil charges against you. Or, you may face criminal charges. 

Criminal charges can come from state prosecutors or the federal government. You can face severe penalties such as heavy fines and long prison sentences, especially in federal cases. 

That’s why you need a federal criminal defense lawyer by your side. At Zoukis Consulting Group, our attorneys have the expertise you need during your counterfeit bonds case. We’ll do everything we can to help you get a more lenient sentence, whether that be scrutinizing specific offense characteristics or negotiating a plea deal.

With us on your team, you get the best possible chance of lower fines and a shorter sentence. We even have resources available that will prepare you to serve a sentence resulting from counterfeit bonds. It all starts by getting in touch with our team and telling us about your charges.

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