Hire a Lawyer for Federal Product Tampering Charges

Product tampering with consumer products is punishable under every state and federal law. A lot of measures are in place to safeguard consumer products. Some examples are sealing bottle caps, cartons, paper, and plastic bags. Manufacturers and other regulating bodies do this to ensure the safety of consumers.

Tampering of these products is a threat to life and humanity. There are several federal authorities, such as the FDA, in charge of ensuring the safety of consumer products.

If you have committed any federal food, drugs, and agricultural crimes, the best step to take is to hire a professional and experienced attorney. Call the Zoukis Consulting Group to let one of our expert defense lawyers fight for your rights in court.

Tampering With Consumer Product Crimes 

Under the 18 U.S.C. § 1365, you are guilty of tampering with consumer products if guilty of the following;

  • Whoever, with reckless disregard for the risk that another person tampers with any consumer product.
  • Whoever, with intent to cause serious injury to the business of any person, taints any consumer product.
  • Whoever knowingly communicates false information that a consumer product has been tainted.
  • A person commits an offense if he intentionally threatens to tamper with a consumer product with the intent to cause fear, to affect the sale of the consumer product, or to cause bodily injury to any person.
  • Whoever is a party to a conspiracy of two or more persons to commit an offense relating to tampering with consumer products.
  • Whoever, without the consent of the manufacturer, retailer, or distributor, intentionally tampers with a consumer product.

The extent of damage such as bodily harm, illness, or death determines the degree of the crime.

The Role of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) In Regulating Consumer Food Tampering

The FDA regulates and oversees the safety of consumer products such as; food, agricultural products, drugs, cosmetics. The agency has made a lot of effort to maintain the safety of consumers. One of such efforts is the creation of the  FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

FSMA focuses on ensuring the safety of food from its production stage to the consumers. This body prevents the occurrence of food crimes and casualties. FSMA also regulates consumer food tampering. 21 U.S. Code § 350i is about “Protection against intentional adulteration.”

Other bodies help to regulate consumer production tampering. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is also an agency that protects the public from any risk from using a consumer product.

They have strict rules and regulations guiding consumer products. The Consumer Product Safety Act is one of the actions taken to implement food protection laws. CPSC also has a lot of authority to enforce federal laws.

Punishment For Consumer Product Tampering

Before any conviction of federal food, drugs, and agricultural crimes, there has to be solid proof of harm or injury to a victim. Sometimes there is not enough proof or concrete evidence to convict you of the crime. 

If you do not have a proper defense, the punishment depends on the category of your crime. 

Consulting with a prison advocate will help you know the degree of your crime and prepare appropriately for the case. There are first, second, and third-degree convictions, with the first degree being the most severe.

Depending on some circumstances, there is a high chance of second or third-degree felony charges for a consumer product tampering crime. However, there are a lot of possible scenarios.

If serious harm comes to someone due to the crime, you might suffer more significant punishment, such as a first-degree felony conviction. Depending on different state rules and other factors, the sentence for the crime may be payment of a fine, prison term, or probation.

Let Us Defend You from Federal Product Tampering Charges

After the product tampering charges, you have to take the necessary steps to avoid conviction. Depending on the degree of the crime, you can get a reasonable defense attorney that facilitates the dropping of charges or a reduction in punishment.

Due to the sensitivity of this type of case, getting a criminal attorney should be your top priority. Consult with attorneys with excellent delivery records. They will guide you on steps to take throughout the proceedings and defend you in court.

The Zoukis Consulting Group has years of experience defending the accused in court or helping them to reduce the punishments for their crimes. We have defended clients that have committed offenses involving prisons and correctional facilities. 

We also work with other inmate crimes, such as providing or possessing contraband in prison. We are always ready to work with you.

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