International Men's Day Invitation

International Men's Day Invitation

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By Jerome Teelucksingh

I would like to invite all members of to observe International Men’s Day on 19 November 2014. International Men’s Day continues to cross geographical, political, cultural and language barriers and was celebrated by boys, girls, men and women of different ethnicities, ages, religions and classes.  The theme for 2014 is   “Working Together For Men and Boys.”

International Men’s Day has 6 objectives which include promoting peace, equality, tolerance, and understanding. The objectives are:

  • To promote positive male role models, not just movie stars and sportsmen but everyday, working class  men who are living decent, honest lives.  
  • To celebrate men’s positive contributions to society, community, family, marriage, child care, and to the environment. 
  • To focus on men’s health and wellbeing —  social, emotional, physical and spiritual. 
  • To highlight discrimination against men —  in areas of social services, social attitudes and expectations and law.
  • To improve gender relations and promote gender equality. 
  • To create a safer and better world, where people can be safe and grow to reach their full potential.