Montana Correctional Enterprises

Montana Correctional Enterprises

Imagine wearing an embroidered shirt made by prison inmates. Within the prison system throughout the state of Montana, inmates are on a special work program that provides valuable vocational training skills that will help them find gainful employment when they are released form prison. To quote the Montana Correctional Enterprises  – “Working on the Inside – Succeeding on the Outside.”

The mission of the Montana Correctional Enterprises is to  provide employment and training opportunities to incarcerated individuals within the Montana correctional program. Benefits from this program include developing skills which help them with their chance for success upon release; reduces problems associated with offenders who sit idle; helps to build the inmates sense of self-worth through the accomplishment of goals and helps produce valuable quality products for government agencies.

Montana Correctional Enterprises (MCE) provides employment and training opportunities to offenders, which enhances public safety, promotes positive change in offender behavior, reintegrates offenders into the community and supports victims of crime.


Products that are produced both within the mens and women’s correctional facility include:

The Furniture Shop – which produces high quality furniture from oak and maple. Desks, dorm furniture, hutches, bookcases, file cabinets, tables and accessories are all made at affordable prices.

Seating – inmates produce quality seating for offices, conference rooms, and recaption areas. Seating is made from hardwood for framed chairs and then the seating in reupholstered.

Print Shop – produces a wide variety of documents including flyers, brochures, even raffle tickets. Artwork can be provided or they can create and design for you.

Sign Shop – a variety of signs using various materials can be used.

Clothing – made for non-profits and state and government agencies, clothing can have custom embroidery, custom silk-screening and special garment printing.

Sewing Shop – makes industrial clothing such as inmate scrubs, pillows, mattresses etc.

Gift Shop – looking for a unique gift idea? Visit the Montana Correctional Enterprises gift shop. Many of the hand-crafted items are made from recycled material.

The Montana Correctional Enterprises appears to be a win-win situation for both government agencies, schools and non-profits and inmates with the Montana prison system. Agencies receive high-quality products and inmates learn valuable vocational and life skills.

If you would like to visit the online shop for the Montana Correctional Enterprises, please visit here.