St. Cloud State University Distance Learning for Inmates

St. Cloud State University’s Pathways Program for Incarcerated Students offers individuals the opportunity to earn an Associate Degree or take college courses for personal growth and development.

The Center for Continuing Studies works with the SCSU faculty to make a number of correspondence courses available.  These courses cover the same content as the on campus and online versions.  Students receive assignments and other course materials through the mail and communicate with faculty by mail.  Please check the link below for a current list of correspondence courses available.  Image courtesy

Students can choose to pursue and Associate Degree entirely in the correspondence format.  Students who choose to do so must understand that using this format lengthens the time needed to earn the degree and may involve taking correspondence courses at other institutions to fill gaps in our offerings.   

Students who are admitted to the University through Pathways for Incarcerated Students become part of St. Cloud State University’s long-standing tradition of excellence and opportunity.

  • Degree Options
  • Program Support and Student Resources
  • How to Apply

The Pathways Program for Incarcerated Students offers two degree options:

  • The Associate in Arts degree is intended to provide a broad liberal arts and sciences background. AA programs require completion of the general education program and additional credits to total at least 60 semester credit hours. The AA program may serve as the foundation for a bachelor’s degree.
  • The Associate in Elective Studies degree program provides students the unique opportunity of designing their own program of study. The AES requires the completion of 60 semester hour credits, with no more than 30 credits in any one discipline. This degree is considered a terminal degree that does not lead to a bachelor’s degree, but may be a good option for those seeking education purely for personal development. Students wishing to complete an associate’s degree and continue on to a bachelor’s degree should choose the Associate in Arts program.
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