An Approach to Restorative Justice: Pennsylvania Prison Society

Dianne Frazee-Walker

A common opinion in American society is that prisoners don’t deserve help. They are the ones that put themselves in prison to begin with.

Most citizens are not aware that when prisoners are released into society it is our responsibility to care. The outside population is affected by offenders that are released from prison without essential life skills. Community members and tax-payers are impacted by prisoners that are unable to survive in the outside world because the only way these individuals know how to earn a living is to commit crimes. Image courtesy

The Pennsylvania Prison Society (PPS) has been educating former offenders to become productive citizens and advocating for safe communities since 1787. The organization continues to add new programs that make it possible for former offenders to successfully reintegrate back into society.

Most inmates are accustomed to a family environment filled with stress and trauma. Enduring prison life is no different.

PPS reduces the recidivism tipping point by offering new workshops for former inmates that promote coping skills and innovative approaches to living a fulfilling life in the real world. 

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