Notice to Prison Law Blog Readers

By Christopher Zoukis I hope this post finds all of you well. Today I have an administrative note to share concerning the future of the Prison Law Blog. As part of my vision for the future, a future which includes a new entity called Zoukis Prisoner Resources, the Prison Law Blog will be undergoing a

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Florida’s death penalty ruling likely to spark appeals

A recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court has invalidated the way Florida imposes the death penalty, finding that it violates the Sixth Amendment. The action could spark new appeals by many of the nearly 400 prisoners in the state facing death sentences. In its 8-1 decision in Hurst v. Florida, issued earlier this month,

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Prison Law Blog’s wish list for America in 2016

During my down time over the holiday season, I created a wish list for Santa that would make 2016 a pretty amazing year in many different ways.


As a longtime advocate for prison education and related justice issues, I’ve had plenty of time during my nine years of incarceration at FCC Petersburg in Virginia, to explore what topics are most pressing in America today. 

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Attention Bloggers: Prison Law Blog Seeks Submissions

Are you a blogger, author, website administrator, attorney, paralegal, prison consultant, or academic who produces content about prisoner’s rights, prison law, or prison in general?  If so, the Prison Law Blog wants to hear from you! As a multi-disciplinary, community-based publication, the Prison Law Blog is always seeking input from our readers and fellow prison

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Prison Law Blog Announces Prison Survival Reports Service; Reader Input Sought

By Christopher Zoukis

For the past several months we at the Prison Law Blog have been searching for ways to better answer your questions about the Federal Bureau of Prisons, prisoners’ rights, and prison survival.  We have been seeking ways to delve more comprehensively into the realm of prison life so that those soon-to-be-incarcerated, those already incarcerated, and  those who work with or know the incarcerated will have better information upon which to understand incarceration and the rights of prisoners. 

In our search for effective information dissemination methodologies, we have increased our publication volume on the Prison Law Blog by coming to content sharing agreements with Prison Legal News, Jean Trounstine’s Justice With Jean blog, and other media outlets (both online and in print).  We have invited guest bloggers — experts in the prison consulting and prison survival realms — to contribute their voices through interviews and articles.  We have even penned a book about prison survival — which is currently being reviewed by literary agents for representation consideration — and are currently working on another book which profiles every institution within the Federal Bureau of Prisons.  Long story short, we have strived to be innovative, unique, and active in all of our efforts.  We feel that we have succeeded on all three counts.

Now we’re back at it again with our Prison Survival Reports service.  The Prison Survival Reports service is a concept which we have been mentally toying with for quite some time and are now ready to start working on.  We plan on producing downloadable Prison Survival Reports which delve into all areas of the arrest, incarceration, and release arenas.  These reports will cover all manner of criminal justice topics which the Prison Law Blog readership will find of interest.  Several Prison Survival Report topics, which we are considering researching, are as follows:

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