Who Moved My Cheese?

Who Moved My Cheese?

Dear Readers of PrisonEducation.com,

According to Spencer Johnson, the author of the bestselling book Who Moved My Cheese?, change is a good thing.  At the present juncture, PrisonEducation.com is going through some changes.  The staff members and contributors at PrisonEducation.com believe these changes are more than good; they are wonderful.  These changes will allow us to venture forth into new territories, take on new challenges, and enhance our capabilities.

PrisonEducation.com was recently acquired by Middle Street Publishing.  Middle Street Publishing, a relative newcomer to the world of online publishing, is committed to innovative and successful publishing.  In fact, Middle Street Publishing will be expanding into the publication of non-fiction books, especially those by prison inmates.  It will also be resurrecting the very worthwhile and very popular Education Behind Bars Newsletter.

Of vital importance is Middle Street Publishing’s philanthropic perspective:  they are not looking to make a profit.  On the contrary, Middle Street Publishing is a non-profit organization.  Simply put:  they are trying to make the world a little bit better.  And they are willing to spend their own money to do so.

Although PrisonEducation.com has a new publisher, the name will remain the same.  PrisonEducation.com’s staff and contributors will continue to provide high-quality content to its readers, along with answering frequent questions about prison education.  Middle Street Publishing is investing time and money in improving PrisonEducation.com:  seeking out the best writers in the field of prison education, engaging the services of a premier web design and maintenance company, and upgrading computers to allow PrisonEducation.com to serve you more efficiently.

Please check back for announcements, news, and information.


The Staff at PrisonEducation.com