Mississippi Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Mississippi Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

We all want to live our lives freely, but getting charged with a federal crime can ruin all of those plans in moments. So whether you’re accused with product tampering or probation violation, you need a good Mississippi federal criminal defense lawyer on your side.

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These are the top things to know if you’re facing a federal court date and why it’s not over if you’re already in federal prison.

Why a Federal Crime Lawyer in Mississippi instead of a Criminal Attorney?

Federal crimes are infamous for having far harsher punishments and fees when compared to their state-level versions. Although some federal crimes don’t have counterparts in state courts, most are considered federal because of crossing state borders or committing a crime on federal property or against a government employee.  

Any good attorney in Mississippi will be able to go over your options with you and help you get through this stressful accusation, hopefully helping you be found innocent or reduce the sentence you’re left with.

When Would You Need a Mississippi Federal Crime Attorney?

There’s always a need for the right legal aid: but when is it the right time to hire a federal crime attorney in Mississippi? These are examples of federal crimes to help you understand the difference between them and state crimes.

Money Laundering

Money laundering is a federal crime regardless of how or where it was committed and can be punished by a huge prison sentence. Money laundering is the process of disguising any criminal proceeds as regular cash. This cleanses the ‘dirty’ from the money so that it’s harder to catch criminals.

Motor Vehicle Theft

Motor vehicle theft is almost always charged as a federal crime because it generally crosses state borders, which ensures there’s no clear jurisdiction. Beyond this, it can also victimize multiple people at once and can be even worse if the motor vehicle is that of a government entity or employee.

Murder by a Federal Prisoner

Federal prisons make it hard to stay out of trouble unless you’ve made a concentrated effort, but murder is an extra level of troubling. Murder by a federal prisoner is often punished far more harshly than it would have been if committed outside of federal prison and is nearly guaranteed to leave someone behind pars for the rest of their life.

Officer Failing to Make Reports

Police officers have to make reports to keep track of their shift and allow others to know what was changed and what wasn’t. If they don’t create reports, this could lead police officers to overlook the crime, which can easily be used to hide crimes and issues within the force.

Partial-Birth Abortion

Made a federal crime in 2003, partial-birth abortion is the act of carrying a pregnancy to term, going through the effort of birthing the child’s head or feet to the ribcage, and then having the pregnancy terminated in this way. This isn’t a type of abortion that’s commonly sought out or carried out but remains a talking point years after it became a federal crime.

Does Landing in Federal Prison Mean It’s Too Late to Contact a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer in Mississippi?

Although sentencing may feel set in stone if you’re unfamiliar with how the courts work: they’re not the final say in how long you serve. Instead, you must contact a Mississippi attorney about your case and seek help. Not only will a federal lawyer be able to take the guessing out of the court system for you, but they’ll be able to fight for you so your sentencing can be reduced, or so you can possibly even have your ruling overturned by the courts.

The District Courts of Mississippi

Mississippi’s courts are split into Mississippi Northern and Mississippi Southern. The northern district has multiple court locations, including Aberdeen, Greenville, and Oxford. The southern section has a long history of cases revolving around federal crimes and may help any lawyer in Mississippi win a case easier. Of course, regardless of which court you pick, the punishments will be more severe than state-crime punishments, so you must go into this prepared.

Hire the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer in Mississippi

If you’re found guilty of a federal crime, it can be a devastating idea that can leave you terrified of what your next steps are. Thankfully, your journey doesn’t stop here, and there are ways to lessen your sentence and put you on a path out of federal prison.

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