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Our attorneys at the Zoukis Consulting Group are experts in drug trafficking laws and the subsequent penalties. One of our esteemed drug trafficking attorneys will defend you in court if you have recently gotten prosecuted, and you are facing federal drug trafficking charges.

A skilled defense attorney knows how to present the evidence and negotiate with the court to avoid the maximum sentence.

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What is Drug Trafficking?

Drug trafficking convictions can occur if you transport, manufacture, distribute, or sell illegal drugs. 

It is crucial to understand that drug trafficking also includes measurement and weight. If you get caught with a specified amount of illegal drugs, you can get convicted of drug trafficking.

Even if you did not buy, manufacture, transport, or sell drugs, you can still get charged with drug trafficking. You may get found guilty of drug trafficking crimes if the amount of drugs in your possession exceeds the legal amount. 

What is Federal Drug Trafficking?

At the federal level, drug trafficking includes the intended, attempted, or actual transfer of any controlled substances. By definition (federal), a controlled substance is an illegal drug like cocaine or heroin, as well as other highly addictive and dangerous materials. 

Though each state has different laws on drug trafficking, the government can still bring charges against someone. Any time drug trafficking occurs across state lines or includes trafficking activity in multiple states, it reaches the federal level. 

Drug Trafficking Charges

A drug trafficking lawyer can help you if you face the following charges:

Intent and Possession

For a judge to convict you of drug trafficking, the prosecutor has to prove that you not only had possession of a certain amount of illegal drugs but that you intentionally possessed these substances.

For example, you cannot get convicted of drug possession if you purchase a car and later discover a kilogram of heroin hidden in the trunk.

Your mentality at the time of possession won’t affect your case much, as all you need to get convicted is to possess the drugs or have control over where the drugs end up going or getting held. 

Amount of Drugs

Various amounts are illegal, depending on the type of drug you have in your possession. The laws are based on a set amount. For example, marijuana trafficking may be the possession of more than 25 lbs or more than 300 lbs of the marijuana plant. That varies from state to state. 

In that same state from the example above, more than 28 grams of cocaine could be considered trafficking. Drug trafficking charges will get brought against you for exceeding the legal traffic limit of illegal drugs. 

Sale, Manufacture, or Movement

Remember that you can get charged with drug trafficking without making the drugs, selling them, attempting to sell them, or transporting them.  

Drug Trafficking Penalties

An individual convicted of drug trafficking crimes may face years in prison. The severity varies from state to state, but nearly all states have imposed harsh penalties for drug trafficking. 

Fines: If convicted, you may face a fine of $25,000-$100,000 or even more at the state level. Federal drug trafficking charges can be higher than $10 million. 

Mandatory minimum sentences: These charges come with a mandatory minimum sentence. That means that someone convicted of drug trafficking is required to serve a specific amount of time, and they will not get released for parole until they have served the full mandatory sentence. 

For example, if you get sentenced to seven years and the state you live in has a two-year mandatory sentence, you will not receive parole until the two years have been served in prison. 

Prison: Even if you are a first-time offender, prison sentences usually exceed a year for drug trafficking convictions. They generally range from ten years or more, and some states have even higher sentence penalties. Life imprisonment may also be an option depending on where you live. 

Probation: In some cases, probation sentences are a possibility. However, this option is typically part of a plea bargain in which the accused person agrees to plead guilty to a lesser charge. 

A Drug Trafficking Attorney Will Fight For You

Drug trafficking crimes carry serious charges and sentences, regardless of the state in which you reside. Since these charges often come with mandatory sentences and steep punishments, you must hire a drug trafficking lawyer to fight on your behalf.

At Zoukis Consulting Group, we’re here to help you get a lesser penalty, or adjust to a lengthy sentence by providing support and resources. You should always have an attorney present when speaking to the police, or after you’ve gotten charged. 

We will evaluate the details and evidence in your case, and make the right decision with your best interest in mind. Our understanding and expertise of drug trafficking laws from state to state make us qualified to facilitate your plea negotiations and represent you correctly. Call us today to get started.