Temporary Release: Furlough Requests

Furlough is a program for federal inmates that allows the temporary release from prison and can be granted for various reasons, including medical leave, transfer between facilities, or attending funerals. The Federal Inmate Furlough Program releases the inmate from the place of his imprisonment for a limited period if he meets specific requirements. Prisoners may be temporarily released from custody under carefully prescribed conditions. This temporary release may be applied for and granted by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP). Furloughs can vary from a few hours to a week, depending on several factors specific to the inmate and their situation. These periods of temporary release are usually unescorted, allowing the inmate freedom from the supervision of staff members or law-enforcement personnel.

While furloughs can be used for medical or transfer reasons, social furloughs are the most common. These temporary releases give inmates a chance to spend time with family and loved ones, easily the happiest time in a prisoner’s sentence. Furlough can strengthen family ties and allow an inmate to receive medical treatment or participate in educational, religious, or even work-related activities.

If you are at a federal prison camp, low-security prison, or a halfway house, Zoukis Consulting Group can help you understand the procedure and appropriate reasons for requesting a furlough. If so desired, we can also conduct applicable research and handle the drafting of such furlough requests. We will research and propose legitimate reasons for furloughs, thus expanding the possibilities for furloughs.

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