Federal Prisons in Hawaii | Hawaii Federal Prisons

Hawaii houses one stand-alone federal prison. This Hawaii federal prison is overseen by the Western Regional Office. In total, 305 inmates are housed inside this federal prison in Hawaii.

Hawaii Federal Prisons by Security Level

Administrative-Security Federal Prisons in Hawaii

  • FDC Honolulu (Honolulu, HI)
Hawaii Federal Prisons

Federal Prisons in Hawaii

FDC Honolulu

Federal Detention Center Honolulu is an administrative-security-level federal prison located in Honolulu, Hawaii. It is overseen by the Western Regional Office. FDC Honolulu is a Medical Care Level 2 prison. It houses 327 male and female inmates.

Federal Prisons in Hawaii

List of Hawaii Federal Prisons

There is one federal prison in Hawaii. The Western Regional Office of the Federal Bureau of Prisons oversees this facility. By clicking on the below link, you will be taken to the facility’s detailed profile, where you can learn about specific facility offerings, information, and contact details.

Honolulu FDC

Federal Detention Center Honolulu, located in Honolulu on the western perimeter of the Honolulu International Airport, is an administrative prison serving male and female inmates of all security levels. Although most are awaiting trial in Hawaii Federal District Court, a small percentage stay here to serve out brief sentences. The 12-story facility opened in 2001.

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