AFOI's Milk and Cookies Children's Program (3)

AFOI's Milk and Cookies Children's Program (3)

Perhaps the most effective measure of the MAC Program’s success is in statements made by those who have participated in it.

On AFOI’s website, under the heading “Why I like the Milk and Cookies Program…” statements from the child participants are provided. They read as follows:

  • It teaches me not to fight.
  • It helps me understand the deal with being a good friend.
  • It teaches me not to accept negative energy.
  • It teaches me Kwanzaa words.
  • It teaches me about things I should or should not say and to do what I should do.
  • It helps me how I can control my anger at school and at home.
  • I get taught new things.
  • It teaches me to be nice to people who are nice to you.
  • It teaches me to walk away from bad things.
  • It taught me how to get over my anger.
  • I get along and it makes me feel better about my father.

As you can see, Assisting Families of Inmates’ Milk and Cookies Program is vital to the development and success of their child clients. A more worthy cause I know not. If you, or someone you know, would benefit from these services, please contact:

Lauren Holcomb, Program Coordinator: Blackwell Elementary School, Swansboro Elementary School, Summer Hill Elementary School, Ruffin Road Elementary School (804)920-0676 [email protected]

Kristen Hesler, Program Coordinator: Oak Grove Elementary School, Bellemeade Elementary School, Woodville Elementary School (804)920-4859 [email protected]

You can also contact Assisting Families of Inmates at the following:


1 North 5th Street, Suite 400

Richmond, VA 23219


(804)642-2464 FAX

[email protected]

On a final note, the family over here at is an enthusiastic supporter of AFOI. As a matter of fact, we recently made a $50 donation to AFOI. I implore you to head over to their website at and make a donation, volunteer your time, or just say hi.