Services For Families Of Prison Inmates

Much like how soon-to-be prisoners need to be prepared for a term of federal incarceration, so too does their family. Prisoners‘ families are the silent victims of incarceration. While they have done nothing wrong, they still have a family member in prison and must serve the time as well, albeit in a different manner. To help families of prisoners with the stress and anxiety they feel, we at the Zoukis Consulting Group offer services for families of prison inmates. You do not need to feel alone or lost. Our firm assists families of prisoners.

Our Prisoners Family Approach

While our firm provides prison preparation and in-prison assistance to criminal defendants and inmates, we also offer services for families of prison inmates. Whereas our defendant- and prisoner-focused services revolve around building an informational foundation for making the best decisions in prison and resolving issues while in prison, our approach with prisoners‘ families is different. Here we strive to help them understand what their loved one is going through, how they can support their incarcerated loved one, and resolve issues they might be facing.

The first step in assisting families of prisoners is to understand their unique circumstances. No two families deal with the incarceration of a loved one the same. And no two families have the same circumstances. It is vital to understand the family’s background, circumstances, and needs. With this understanding, we can then delve into providing assistance.

Services for Families of Prison Inmates

The most common service we provide prisoners‘ families is informational consultations. At its simplest form, this consists of answering questions and helping family members understand the context of the issues their incarcerated loved one is dealing with. On the more complex side, we can also help prisoners‘ families resolve issues they might face. This could specifically concern issues their incarcerated loved one faces, or it could even include resolving problems resulting from their loved one’s incarceration but aren’t directly associated with it.

Common services provided to prisoners families include:

Informational Consultation

Here, we answer prisoners families’ questions, help them understand what their incarcerated loved one is going through, help them resolve any issues that their loved one might be facing, and develop a strategic plan for resolving any issues.

Communication Issues

Many prisoners‘ families are concerned about staying connected with their family member in prison. Federal prisoners have access to restricted and monitored phone calls, email, and postal mail. We often explain these systems to family members and help troubleshoot any issues that present themselves.

Visitation Issues

Many prisoners‘ families would like to visit their incarcerated loved ones. Here, we explain the visitation policies and procedures, assist family members with being placed on the authorized visitation list, and appeal any denials of visitation.

Sending Money

A common concern for those who have a family member in prison is how to send money. This way, their incarcerated loved one can use the phone and email and shop in the prison commissary. We can help explain the three options for sending money and the pros and cons of each.

Prison Crisis Support

There often comes a time during an inmate’s incarceration when a crisis occurs. This could be the inmate getting in trouble and being placed in the Special Housing Unit (SHU), needing medical or dental care, or another immediate issue. In such cases, we speak with the family member to understand the issue and then develop a plan of action to resolve the issue.

While the above listing of services is not comprehensive, we want you to know that we at the Zoukis Consulting Group are here to help when an issue or question arises. We can diagnose the issue, develop a strategy for resolving the matter, and apply the plan to both your and your incarcerated loved one’s benefit.

Assistance for Families of Prisoners: Why Hire Us

What sets the Zoukis Consulting Group apart from other firms is our breadth of experience and track record over the past decade. Christopher Zoukis, our lead prison consultant and Managing Director, is the author of the Federal Prison Handbook, Prison Education Guide, and College for Convicts. Chris has also been quoted in the Washington Post, USA Today, and Detroit Free Press on prison matters, as well as has authored over a thousand criminal justice articles for news media outlets, including The Huffington Post, Prison Legal News, Criminal Legal News, New York Daily News, and many others.

Over the past decade, Chris has been a leading voice on Federal Bureau of Prisons‘ policy and operations, to say nothing of the countless individuals he has assisted throughout their journey. When prisoners‘ families want and need the best, they come to the Zoukis Consulting Group.

When you need the services of a prison consultant, you need someone who you can trust, who has a proven track record of success, and who can think both strategically and creatively. We fulfill all of these requirements at the Zoukis Consulting Group, plus many more.

Hire Us Today: Services for Families of Prison Inmates

If you would like to hire the Zoukis Consulting Group to assist you with preparing for a loved one’s incarceration, resolving problems for them while in prison, or helping them successfully reenter society, email [email protected] or call 843-620-1100. You can also read about our other prison consulting services and fee structure.