Consulting Service Fees

At the Zoukis Consulting Group, we offer a variety of prison preparationin-prison matters, and reentry services. Due to these various services’ breadth of scope and time commitments, we offer customized pricing for each project. With this being said, each service category tends to fall within a specific range.

For anyone interested in retaining our services, and those on a more limited budget, we highly recommend picking up a copy of the Federal Prison Handbook by Christopher Zoukis. This bestselling book on surviving the Federal Bureau of Prisons is used as an element of our full-service prison preparation program.

To hire the Zoukis Consulting Group to assist you with your federal prison need, please book a free initial consultation. Our consultants are standing by, ready to help you in your time of need.

Please note our firm bills hourly for all work on client matters. Fees range from $250 to $400 per hour, depending on the issue being addressed and the level of expertise required.

Prison Preparation

Our prison preparation work consists of preparing federal criminal defendants for a term of incarceration. Our objective with this work is to impart as much information as possible so that the client can make the best decisions possible when they get to prison.

  • Full-Service Prison Preparation: $5,000 to $10,000*
  • Limited Scope Prison Preparation: $3,500 to $5,000
  • Hourly Consulting: $250 to $400 per hour

*Includes access to Prison Preparation Video Series discussed below.

We also offer a prison preparation video library. These videos consist of Christopher Zoukis, author of the Federal Prison Handbook and Directory of Federal Prisons, walking readers through the basics of federal prison and how to prepare for a term of federal incarceration. While not individualized based on each client’s unique circumstances, these are a highly cost-effective method of preparing for prison.

  • Prison Preparation Video Series: $500 for access to all videos.

In-Prison Matters

Our in-prison matters services are more project-oriented and focus on a specific issue. For example, the client might be seeking a transfer to a different prison or believe that their case manager made an error in calculating their security points. A client might need medical care, which is not forthcoming. Or even a client might be housed in the Special Housing Unit (SHU) due to protective custody and wants a transfer to a safer prison facility. As you can see, the issues involved are serious and complex.

We tend to charge based on the specific project for our in-prison matters services. With this being said, the following fees are typical:

  • Consultation on Issue with Recommendations: $500
  • Administrative Remedy: $5,000 to $7,500 for administrative remedy and applicable appeals
  • Security Classification Review/Objections: $5,000 to $7,500 for security classification review and written objections
  • Prison Transfer Assistance: $5,000 to $7,500 to review the case, provide input/direction, and draft request to case manager
  • Compassionate Release/Elderly Offender Release Petition: \$5,000 to \$7,500
  • Communications with Bureau Officials: $1,500 per email, letter, or phone call

The above are just a sampling of the in-prison services that we offer. The typical starting point for any in-prison service is $5,000 to $7,500.

Reentry Services

Our reentry services tend to commence before the client is released from custody. The typical first reentry project assists clients in presenting the most compelling case for the maximum amount of halfway house or home confinement possible.

After expanding halfway house and home confinement placement, our reentry services revolve around putting together a reentry plan (e.g., housing, employment, support network, etc.). At this phase, we also discuss supervised release with clients to answer their questions and help them understand what to expect.

After release from custody, our services revolve around hourly reentry assistance, and troubleshooting supervised release issues or problems with the supervised release officer.

The following are our typical price points for each reentry service:

  • Halfway House and Home Confinement Maximization: $5,000 to $7,500
  • Reentry Planning: $5,000
  • Hourly Reentry Assistance: $250 per hour
  • Supervised Release Preparation/Consultation: $5,000 to $7,500
  • Troubleshooting Supervised Release Issues: $250 to $400 per hour

Note About Rates

Our services are based on hourly rates, with different consultants billing differing amounts depending on project focus. We bill $250 per hour for case management matters and $400 per hour for legal and policy application matters.

We understand that prisoners’ families are often not able to make a substantial financial investment. As such, when practicable, we offer services on a sliding scale. If you would like to hire us to assist you with prison preparationin-prison maters, or reentry services and cannot do so due to financial constraints, please advise us of such. We take on a limited number of reduced-fee clients each year because we want to help everyone we can, even if at a reduced rate.

How to Hire Us

If you would like to hire the Zoukis Consulting Group to assist you with your prison preparation, in-prison, or reentry needs, please book a free initial consultation. You can also call us at 843-620-1100.