Career Correspondence Courses

Career correspondence courses are the trade school of correspondence education, taking less time and money to complete than college correspondence and preparing the prisoner for work upon release.

Some prisoners prefer to spread their wings and focus on a specific area of study not offered by their prison. Due to limited offerings, long waiting lists, and a general void of career recognition, it’s hard to blame them. As such, most prisoners who engage in correspondence education do so through the vehicle of career correspondence education.

Career correspondence courses are effectively the little brother, the trade school, of correspondence education.

While many people think of college correspondence courses for prisoners, career courses take less time to complete (usually 3-9 months) and are significantly less expensive than college courses (a few hundred dollars per program vs. a few hundred dollars per course). Many also offer payment plans and accelerate the prisoner’s career abilities so they are ready and prepared to work upon their release from custody.

While there are many types of career correspondence courses to choose from, most prisoners seem to like to take courses in paralegal studies. This is an obvious area of interest, considering their current predicament.

Courses are also offered in such diverse areas as physical fitness, small business management, writing, physical therapy, and many others. Below are several of the better career correspondence schools.