Center For Restorative Justice Works

Center For Restorative Justice Works

Did you know that California has the largest prison system in the nation? There are over 46 adult prison/correctional facilities that incarcerate almost 200,000 men and women – and this leaves nearly 200,000 children without one or more parents. Those are shocking numbers!

Children of incarcerated parents are often left in either foster homes or with grandparents. They can spend years not knowing what it is like to grow up with a family bond.

The Center For Restorative Justice Works is a grass-roots organization that is working on helping unite children with parents that are incarcerated. They strongly believe that keeping families united during these difficult times will help re-weave and re-connect the relationships of children, family, and community together.

We advocate, educate and demonstrate the critical need to mend, re-weave and re-connect the primary relationship between child-parent, families-loved ones, community in and out of prison. We believe these relationships are being torn apart by crime and the criminal justice system.

Based in California, the Center For Restorative Justice Works have three direct service programs:

  1. Get on the Bus – this program is designed to unite children with parents on the Friday before Mother’s Day and Father’s Day by coordinating buses throughout the state to get the children to visit their parents on these very important days.
  2. Chowchilla Family Express – this program provides free weekly transportation for children and extended families of women who are incarcerated in two prisons near the town of Chowchilla. This program works directly with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to help strengthen family bonds.
  3. Cross Over – this unique program invites outside community volunteers to enter into prison to engage in conversation with prisoners. This is done on special evenings and event programs that are a great way for prisoners to be able to converse with outside people – helping to build re-entry social skills.

Within the belief systems of the Center For Restorative Justice Works is the vital need for families to stay connected. They believe that families and relationships that are connected throughout the incarceration period, build stronger ties and can greatly reduce the rate of recidivism.

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