Christian Christmas Music Show In Prison–Hope Shows

Christian Christmas Music Show In Prison–Hope Shows

Christmas can be a very dark and depressing time for inmates incarcerated in prison. Along comes a group of professional Christian singers who come to prison to sing inspirational Christian songs to help light up the Christmas season.

That is what Hope Shows and the Hope Rocks Campaign do. The singers and band of Hope Shows travel to correctional facilities within the state of Illinois to deliver songs of hope and traditional Christmas songs as well.

Christian music is one way to present the light of God’s Word, and to do so with words and melodies that remain in our spirits and surround our souls.

Hope Shows was founded by Robyn Lyn, who has worked with Nashville Christian music artists. She helped develop many positive events to share Christian music, including the music benefit concert, Aids Crisis, and Christians Today. In 2009, Robyn began Hope Shows, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring Christian music events to people who are in difficult and dark circumstances. This includes prison concerts and benefits on behalf of the prison ministry.

Hope Shows also works with Christian music radio stations so that inmates can have access to Christian music while incarcerated.

Hope Shows brings these special concerts and events to inmates with the goals of: to visit those in prison with hope of the Gospel as presented through Christian music, film, and other media; to equip prison facilities with Bibles and other Christian literature, art, and music supplies and instruction with new volunteers; and to connect inmates with supportive communities, including Christian music radio in their region, and existing ministry opportunities available through their chaplain and religious services programs.

Hope Shows also produces an annual “Hope Rocks Christmas Collection” initiative that collects new CD’s to gift to rehabilitation and correctional facility CD libraries.

To quote Hope Shows–“Bottom line, Christian music matters. It teaches, it reminds, it encourages, it surrounds, it entertains, it empathizes, it corrects, it inspires, it unifies. And Hope Shows is committed to getting it where it’s most needed.”

Hope Shows relies on donations and volunteers. Contributions are tax-deductible.