Correspondence Programs of Merit: Hobe Sound Bible College

Correspondence Programs of Merit: Hobe Sound Bible College

Many schools will profess a desire to educate incarcerated students.  To not do so would be almost unethical, although few schools will modify programs to make them more prisoner-friendly.  Hobe Sound Bible College is one school that is not only willing to go the extra mile for the incarcerated student but has put its money where its mouth is.

Hobe Sound Bible College, founded in 1960, is a religious college out of Hobe Sound, Florida, which offers courses in a correspondence methodology.  Accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE), they are a respected Christian college even though they do not hold regional accreditation.

Hobe Sound Bible College did something which both shocked me and immediately won me to their cause.  They put their money where their mouth is.  They literally offer prisoner students a discounted tuition rate of $75 per course, a $245 discount!  This places them at the bottom of the spectrum in tuition costs for college-level correspondence courses.

They offer a certificate program, three Associate of Arts degrees (Pre-Professional Studies, Bible, and Christian Ministries), and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Ministries.  Minors are available in Christian Counseling, Pastoral Ministries, Missions, Christian Education, and Biblical Literature.  All degrees can be completed entirely through correspondence study.

While a Christian college, Hobe Sound Bible College offers courses in a number of disciplines.  These include Bible, ministries, theology, Church history, counseling, missions, English, general education, mathematics, social sciences, physical education, science, music, and Christian education.  With a wide variety of available course offerings, even if the student isn’t a Christian, this could be a great school for them to attend.

As an incarcerated student, they really can’t go wrong with Hobe Sound Bible College.  For the $75 course fee, they receive all materials, textbooks, and student services required to complete each course and, eventually, achieve a degree.  Hobe Sound Bible College even waives its $25 application fee for incarcerated students.

As HSBC comments in Education Behind Bars: A Win-Win Strategy for Maximum Security, “Our school motto is ‘Knowing Christ and Making Him Known.’  As a Bible college, our purpose in offering these courses is to help train students who feel God is leading them to a higher level of ministry and spiritual development.  While our program includes the study of a wider range of subjects to broaden the understanding, our purpose is to see students come to a deeper knowledge of Christ and prepare them to see more potential for personal ministry.”  With a statement like this, what else is there to add?!

NOTE: Hobe Sound Bible College is a terrific school for a number of reasons.  However, caution should be taken when making the decision to enroll here or not.  This is because they lack regional accreditation.  This means that credits earned here will probably not transfer to regionally accredited colleges.  If the student plans on earning their degree through Hobe Sound Bible College, then this is of no consequence.  If not, perhaps another school would be better.


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