Crime After Crime – The Film – The Battle to Free Debbie Peagler

Crime After Crime – The Film – The Battle to Free Debbie Peagler

26 years later, two land-use attorneys who witnessed domestic violence as children decide to take on Debbie’s case to see if she can have her trial re-examined under California’s new Sin of Silence law.

In 1983, Debbie Peagler was arrested for her connection to the death of Oliver Wilson and charged with first-degree murder. Debbie became pregnant at 15 years old in 1975 and met Oliver Wilson; within a year, she is forced into prostitution for Wilson, who beat her unless she did as she was told.

After years of physical, emotional, and mental abuse in which Debbie felt her life threatened, she collaborated with local gang members to have Wilson murdered – for the defense of herself and her child.

Crime After Crime is a powerful documentary film about the dramatic legal battle taking place in California for Debbie Peagler’s release from prison. Through the perseverance of the attorneys who took on her case, new evidence, witnesses, and testimonies have appeared that have helped with Debbie’s complicated case.

Director Yoav Potash filmed the documentary over five years, in and outside of the prison walls.

Harrowing, Moving and Inspiring – The Washington Post
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The documentary film has won many prestigious awards and has been hailed as one of the best films of 2011. Awards include the Freedom of Expression Award from the National Board of Review; Official Selection from the Sundance Film Festival; Audience Choice Award and Golden Gate Award for Investigative Documentary Feature from the San Francisco International Film Festival; Pursuit of Justice Award from the California Women’s Law Center and many, many more.

The media has been presenting not only the film Crime After Crime but Debbie Peagler’s case as well, providing awareness of her case and also awareness of domestic violence and wrongful incarceration. Through the coverage of this, the media hopes to shape the response of this issue in years to come.

The film can be seen on DVD, iTunes, Film Festivals, and Special Screenings. Here is a list of future screenings of the film.