Distance Learning for Inmates: Ohio University

Distance Learning for Inmates: Ohio University

Studies indicate prisoners who complete educational programs while incarcerated have a significantly better chance of finding a job and staying out of prison than those who don’t. Since 1974, Ohio University’s Correctional Education has provided an opportunity for incarcerated students to study, through print-based courses, to earn college credit and/or an Ohio University degree.
Student Information
Students can request to receive information in the mail about OHIO Correctional Education. Requests can be submitted online (using the online request form on the right), by e-mail at [email protected], by phone toll-free at 800.444.2420, or through the mail to Ohio University Correctional Education, 102 Haning Hall, 1 Ohio University, Athens OH 45701.
After a student is admitted to the University, he or she will receive a personalized welcome packet from the student’s academic advisor. Some of the information from the student welcome packet has been included below:
Incarcerated students can work toward earning the following degrees, or may elect to take classes without declaring a program major.

  • Associate degrees
  • Bachelor’s degrees
  • Paralegal Studies Certificate

Print-Based Education
Degree-seeking and nondegree students may choose to earn college credit through a structured format of lessons and exams with minimal instruction known as print-based courses (PBC) or a “testing out” version of courses referred to as course credit by examination (CCE), which involves no instructor guidance.
PBCs are developed by Ohio University faculty using the same content from their classroom courses. A study guide helps the student understand the material and contains assignments that the student will submit to the instructor for evaluation and feedback. Most lessons require the student to answer objective questions, write brief essays, or complete a paper or project. Generally, two supervised examinations are required—a midcourse and a final examination.
All communication between the student and instructor must be facilitated through the student’s academic advisor. If the student has a question about a lesson or when he or she will receive a grade, the student should contact the academic advisor first. The advisor will contact the instructor on behalf of the student. Any parent, sibling, or advocate for the student also should direct questions to the academic advisor instead of contacting the student’s instructor.
Students enrolled in CCEs receive a syllabus that outlines course requirements, grading policy, and the kind of examination to be taken. The student will need to obtain the textbook and prepare for the examination without assistance from the instructor. The grade on the examination will be the grade for the course.
Students may enroll in classes at any time during the year. From the date of enrollment, the student has eight months to complete a PBC and six months to take the exam for a CCE.
The application fee is $25. Students or sponsors should NOT pay any course registration, tuition, or fees until receiving a billing invoice. Courses selected must be approved by the student’s academic advisor after which charges are invoiced and sent to the student and/or his or her sponsor.
2013-2014 Academic Year
Effective fall semester 2013, OHIO Correctional Education students will pay the following price for tuition and materials:

Ohio resident: $340 per credit hour
Non-Ohio resident: $343 per credit hour

This rate applies to ALL print-based courses and course credit by examination. The price includes the tuition, textbooks, course guides, shipping costs, and all materials for each course.
The tuition and fees above are valid through the 2013-2014 academic calendar, which includes all courses with a start date of September 1, 2013, through August 1, 2014.
A student services fee is added to courses at the rate of $3.00 per credit hour, not to exceed $33.00 for multiple courses taken in one registration. This is a University-wide fee that applies to all students taking Ohio University courses and to all Ohio University course registrations, whether campus-based or distance learning.