Drug Distribution Lawyer

Choose a Skilled Drug Distribution Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

In the United States, being charged with drug distribution at any level is serious. While most drug possession charges are prosecuted at the state level, drug trafficking, and distribution are often federal charges. These types of federal crimes are taken seriously and come with lengthy prison sentences and other harsh penalties for those convicted of the charges. An experienced, knowledgeable drug distribution attorney can be a powerful ally, helping you fight for your rights and your freedom.

Several factors can impact sentencing. First, the severity of drug distribution charges can rise depending on the type and volume of substances involved. If you already have a criminal history, that will likely be a factor in sentencing, too. Additionally, more severe consequences may be levied for being convicted of a drug crime near a school, being convicted of bringing drugs into the United States, being the leader in a drug distribution group, or being charged with crimes that also involve the possession of a firearm.

The skilled criminal defense attorneys at Zoukis Consulting Group are prepared to advocate for you in court, defending you against federal drug charges and fighting for your rights. Contact us today if you have been charged with a federal drug crime and need legal representation. We also help people who have been convicted and are seeking guidance as they prepare to carry out their federal prison sentences.

Understanding Drug Distribution and Trafficking Crimes

People can be charged and convicted at the state level of possessing or distributing some types of drugs, typically in smaller quantities. When the amount of drugs reaches a certain point, federal charges apply rather than state criminal codes.

Drug Distribution

Drug distribution, also often referred to as drug trafficking, is a separate crime from drug possession. Distribution involves importing, selling, and/or transporting illegal substances.

Under the federal Controlled Substances Act, controlled substances are assigned different classifications. Substances are classified based on their medical uses (if any) and how dangerous they are considered. For example, marijuana, as a highly restricted drug at the federal level, is classified as a Schedule I drug. Low-dose codeine, which has accepted medical uses, is a Schedule V drug.

Illegally possessing any drug is a crime. That crime can be federal when the charges include possession with the intent to manufacture or distribute a controlled substance across state boundaries or when attempting to sell drugs to undercover federal agents.

Potential Consequences of a Conviction

As previously noted, federal drug convictions come with severe penalties. Sentencing is driven by federal statutes and depends largely on the amount of controlled substance involved in the case.

Federal criminal penalties can include staggering monetary fines and prison sentences. In fact, being convicted of drug possession can come with a life prison sentence.

Choose an Attorney With Federal Criminal Defense Experience

It is essential to have skilled legal representation any time you are charged with a crime. When those charges include federal drug distribution, it becomes even more important to seek an attorney who regularly defends clients against such charges. The potential repercussions of having inadequate counsel are simply too great.

Whether you have already been charged with drug trafficking or distribution or suspect that such charges might be forthcoming, the attorneys at Zoukis Consulting Group can help. If you have already been convicted of a federal drug crime, our consultants can help prepare you for what to expect from your sentence.

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