Arkansas Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Have you been charged with a federal crime in Arkansas? If you have, there is no need to panic with the Zoukis Consulting Group on your side. Our federal prison advocates will review your case and set you up with an Arkansas federal criminal defense attorney. Learn more below about how an Arkansas federal criminal defense lawyer can help.

Arkansas Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer | Arkansas Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Arkansas Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Essentially, many crimes can be prosecuted as either state or federal crimes. If the offense conduct crosses state lines, occurs on federal property, or has a federal nexus, it may be a federal crime. Unfortunately, this means that you could go through a federal criminal trial even if the conduct would be prosecuted far less aggressively at the state level.

The team at the Zoukis Consulting Group can be your advocate, regardless of whether you are in federal court or have already gone to federal prison. We put your rights above all else.

This page discusses all the information you need to know if you face a federal criminal case and need a federal crime attorney in Arkansas. Our law firm partners stand ready to defend you against all federal criminal charges.

Everyone deserves their fair day in court. Finding the right Arkansas federal criminal defense attorney to guide you can make all the difference.

Why You Should Hire an Arkansas Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Federal crimes are particularly dangerous for criminal defendants. At the federal level, they are the more extreme version of many common state crimes in some ways. As we said above, you can be accused of a federal crime by engaging in conduct that crosses state borders, is on federal government property, or even using materials mailed into the state (e.g., cell phones and computers).

This means crimes online may also count as federal offenses since these crimes often have concurrent jurisdiction between state and federal governments. In effect, federal crimes may theoretically be committed anywhere in the world. Many federal crimes come with more severe federal sentencing guidelines, longer prison time, and increased financial risk.

Having a team like the Zoukis Consulting Group on your side to navigate the complexities of federal crimes gives you the best chance of securing your future. Our consultants and partner Arkansas federal criminal defense lawyers will provide you with an opportunity to mitigate your risk of serving time in prison, reduce your exposure to a lengthy prison term, and ensure you receive the best defense possible throughout the process.

When Would You Need an Arkansas Federal Crime Lawyer?

Many criminal offenses are federal crimes, but it’s essential to understand them so you can more clearly see the distinction between federal and state crimes.

Below are some examples of federal crimes. If you’re charged with any of these, it’s time to call the Zoukis Consulting Group. We will review your case and ensure you receive the help you need. We may also set you up with one of our partner criminal defense attorneys in Arkansas.

Cyber Crimes

Cybercrimes may constitute federal crimes simply because they involve the internet. Federal law enforcement agencies often prosecute cybercrimes because these crimes typically employ the internet or cross state lines.

Common federal cybercrimes include possession of child pornography, wire fraud, money laundering, and identity theft.

It can be difficult to avoid being charged with a federal crime if you have committed a cybercrime. But our partner Arkansas federal criminal defense lawyers are here to help.

Disclosure of Confidential Information (18 U.S.C. § 1905)

Federal government employees and contractors who disclose confidential information may be charged with this federal crime. So, too, can private sector organizations contracting with the federal government.

Manslaughter (18 U.S.C. § 1112)

Taking another person’s life is usually a state offense, but it can be considered a federal crime under certain circumstances. Manslaughter typically attaches to an underlying offense when charged as a federal offense.

For example, a bank robbery that results in death. Likewise, if a protected individual, such as a federal judge or federal law enforcement officer, is killed, federal manslaughter charges may follow.

Demands Against the U.S. (18 U.S.C. § 1003)

Those who fraudulently demand shares in public stocks, dividends, or other monies of the United States may be charged with the federal crime of making demands against the United States. This requires conspiracy and criminal intent elements and can be considered an act of treason in some courts. Because this is against the United States as a whole and not against any one state, it is a federal crime.

Major Fraud Against the U.S. (18 U.S.C. § 1031)

For similar reasons to demands against the United States, major fraud against the federal government is a federal crime. This includes intending to defraud the U.S. Government and obtaining federal money or property under false pretenses.

If you are charged with major fraud in the federal criminal justice system, you need an experienced advocate on your side. Federal prosecutors aggressively prosecute federal white-collar crimes. From grand jury to trial and sentencing, you need an assertive advocate to protect your interests.

Does Landing in Federal Prison Mean It’s Too Late to Contact an Arkansas Attorney?

If you’re already in federal prison, you may fear this means you cannot challenge your criminal conviction, but this is not the case. Convicted federal prisoners have numerous avenues for challenging their sentences.

For example, federal prisoners can file a direct appeal. Likewise, a habeas corpus motion (i.e., 2255 petition) may be due if your attorney was constitutionally ineffective. More plainly, if your attorney did something they should not have done or failed to do something they were required to, you may have a viable claim.

If the above circumstances apply, you need an Arkansas federal criminal defense attorney to review your case. Our team can examine your case to spot issues and even connect you with a criminal defense lawyer to handle your appeal. We regularly work with a network of Arkansas lawyers who can review what is and isn’t possible for your case.

Contact the Zoukis Consulting Group today. We’ll help you figure out your best options, so you don’t have to stay in prison any longer than necessary. We will review the facts of your case and can refer you to a lawyer in Arkansas for further analysis if required.

If you are already serving time in federal prison, our team of expert prison consultants can help you find ways to reduce your sentence, resolve in-prison matters, and successfully reenter society.

Federal District Courts in Arkansas

If you are charged with a federal crime in Arkansas, you must know about your local federal district court. This is the court where your case will be heard.

Arkansas is divided into two districts with subdistricts.

The contact information for each is listed below:

U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas

This court has three divisions: Northern, Central, and Delta. Your court location will depend on where your case is filed.

  • Little Rock: 500 West Capitol Avenue, Little Rock, AR 72201
  • Helena: 617 Walnut, Helena, AR 72342
  • Jonesboro: 615 South Main Street, Room 312, Jonesboro, AR 72401

U.S. District Court for the Western District of Arkansas

This federal judicial district is divided into six divisions: Fort Smith, El Dorado, Fayetteville, Hot Springs, Texarkana, and Harrison.

  • Fort Smith: 30 South 6th Street, Room 1038, Fort Smith, AR 72901
  • El Dorado: 101 South Jackson Avenue, Room 205, El Dorado, AR 71730
  • Fayetteville: 35 East Mountain Street, Room 510, Fayetteville, AR 72701
  • Hot Springs: 1000 Reserve Street, Room 347, Hot Springs, AR 71901
  • Texarkana: 500 North State Line Avenue, Room 302, Texarkana, AR 71854

Do You Need a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer in Arkansas?

Everyone deserves the right to have the best legal aid available, regardless of the criminal case they’re facing or the crimes for which they have been charged. If you need a federal criminal defense attorney in Arkansas who will fight for you, we can help. The team at the Zoukis Consulting Group can review your case and refer you to one of our Arkansas federal criminal defense lawyers.

We are federal prison consultants who work alongside a network of experienced attorneys. Our goal is simple:

  • Vigorously defend you.
  • Leave no stone unturned.
  • Ensure that if you must go to federal prison, you serve the least amount of time possible.

When you have no one left to turn to, let us help you.

 Call the Zoukis Consulting Group now. We and our partner Arkansas federal criminal defense attorneys are ready to defend you.