Illinois Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Illinois Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Illinois sees its share of criminal trials, yet none are as drastic or heavily discussed as federal crimes.  These cases are something that has to be taken seriously: but being accused of one, or even being found guilty of one, doesn’t mean your life is over.

This rundown on federal crimes includes information useful to anyone who’s facing this type of charge and needs an Illinois federal criminal defense attorney.

Everyone deserves a fair day in court. Let us help. Learn more below.

Why a Federal Crime Attorney in Illinois instead of a Criminal Attorney?

When you hire a criminal attorney in Illinois, you may expect for them to be able to handle any type of case thrown at them, but you must seek out a federal lawyer.  Not only do they have the correct training that will allow your case to go smoothly, but they’ll also be able to use tools that state-level lawyers may not realize are at their disposal at a federal level.

Federal crimes are often sentenced more harshly and leave the defendants with longer prison sentences and higher fines and fees that have to be paid.  These are also usually more scandalized and discussed, which could lead to further ramifications when you try to get your life back to normal.

When Would You Need an Illinois Federal Crime Lawyer?

Nobody wants to need a federal crime lawyer, but it’s vital to know when that time might arise.  Even if you haven’t been accused of a crime yet, if you feel like you might, it’s a good idea to research which court it might go to.


Lying in court or making a material false statement within a federal agency or department is immediately a federal crime if they can prove it.  This false statement usually happens under oath and may be in writing or verbally shared.

Transportation of Terrorists

Terrorism is something that puts the entire country at risk, and because of this, any act that supports or furthers it is immediately charged as a federal offense.  This is something that can’t be taken lightly and has extremely long and high sentences.


Trespassing is generally viewed as a state crime until it’s on government property or the property of a government employee.  In these cases, it’s charged as a federal crime because it can mess with the ability of the government to run the country.

Picketing or Parading

Picketing and parading is only a federal crime if it gets in the way of traffic or stops people from being able to enter a courthouse.  Since this can prevent people from doing their jobs, any instance of this must be immediately charged as a federal crime.

Digital Pirating

Pirating is charged as a federal crime because it’s impossible to limit to any one portion of the country or even within the country.  This is all over the place regarding jurisdictions and is immediately charged as a federal crime.

The District Courts of Illinois

Illinois has three main district courts, each of which has multiple courthouses.  These are Illinois Central, Illinois Northern, and Illinois Southern.  Each of these has different conviction rates, but regardless of which you end up in, you must have a federal crime lawyer in Illinois that understands your needs and is willing to work with you on them.  Sentencing for all federal crimes is harsher to some degree, so you must go into this as prepared as possible with a lawyer you trust.

What to do When Needing a Federal Crime Lawyer in Illinois

If you find yourself accused of a federal crime, it’s time to seek out a federal crime attorney in Illinois who can work with you. Don’t allow them to search your property without a warrant, and avoid any erratic behavior until you’ve spoken to the Zoukis Consulting Group.  Not only will we give you solid advice on what you can say, but we’ll also stop you from talking yourself deeper into trouble.

Hire the Right Criminal Defense Attorney in Illinois

Criminal defense lawyers might be daunting to contact: but it’s your responsibility to yourself to find the best one you can.

Consider reaching out to the Zoukis Consulting Group. We look forward to reviewing your case details and upholding your rights.