Iowa Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Iowa Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

The idea of being accused of a federal crime is terrifying to many people. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way, not with the right Iowa federal criminal defense lawyer on your side.

The Zoukis Consulting Group wants to be there to help you through this. You are not alone in this as long as we are behind you.

Here is everything you should know about federal crimes in Iowa if you’re at risk of being arrested or are currently in federal prison.

Why a Federal Crime Attorney in Iowa instead of a Criminal Attorney?

Federal crime attorneys are vital to any federal case you might face. Not only do they have the training to tell you when to talk and when you might hurt your chances of winning by talking, but they also understand the stakes you’re facing. 

Federal crimes are charged more severely and leave people with longer sentences and higher fines than they’d reasonably expect from a state court. This could leave you facing almost twice as long in prison than you would otherwise.

When Would You Need an Iowa Federal Crime Lawyer?

Although you might not think you’ll ever commit anything heinous enough to end up in federal court, white-collar crimes can also be considered federal crimes. These are five very different activities, all of which are federally illegal, that offer a chance to understand where the line between state and federal is.

The US government can hold any copyrights that are transferred to it. This means that any break of copyright or incorrect use of it can immediately be tried as a federal crime when the government has the right to it.


Counterfeiting is a crime that goes against the financial system the government has in place, and is considered a federal crime. So although there are types of counterfeiting that aren’t federal crimes, if it’s to falsify money or done to receive money, it’s immediately a federal crime.

Domestic Violence

Any domestic crime that’s committed after crossing state lines, done on government property, or against a government employee is immediately charged as a federal crime. Although any domestic violence is a crime on the state level, it’s boosted to federal under some circumstances.

Drive-by Shooting

Drive-by shootings have a low rate of homicides tied to them: but they can be boosted to a federal crime even without murder. If the vehicle you commit the crime in is from out of state, or you drove into another state to commit it, this drive-by is immediately federal.

Counterintelligence Crimes

Because all intelligence agencies are government-funded, any crime against the information they harbor is immediately a federal crime that has to be taken seriously.

The District Courts of Iowa

Iowa’s district courts are divided into the Iowa Northern and Iowa Southern courts that deliberate on federal crimes that were arrested or committed in their jurisdiction. Get to know these courts and their judges, and consider looking into how they’ve handled similar cases to yours in the past.

You can petition them for a retrial or look over the facts of your trial, so don’t be nervous about contacting them again if you’ve lost your case in them before. Stay respectful, confer with your lawyer, and make a case that will win.

What to do When You Need a Federal Crime Lawyer in Iowa

The worst thing you can do when accused of a crime, whether it’s state or federal, is to talk about it to everyone and anyone and post about it online. Instead, keep it quiet, and don’t talk to the police until you have a lawyer secured.

Instead, find someone reliable, like the Zoukis Consulting Group, that will listen to you and give you solid advice on what you can do to better your chances in court. 

It’s natural to be scared, but without prior training, or the insight a lawyer can offer, you leave yourself open to major issues that will be hard to resolve if they come up in court.

Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Iowa

Everyone deserves their day in court if they’ve been accused of something. Because of this, you must do everything you can to find legal aid that will be on your side.

Reach out to the Zoukis Consulting Group when you need an Iowa federal criminal defense lawyer.