Maryland Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Maryland Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Nobody wants to be accused of a federal crime, there are far stricter sentences, and 90% plead guilty before they even make it to court. So if you’re charged with a crime of this high status, it’s important to seek out a Maryland federal criminal defense attorney who can work with you.

The following is an in-depth look at what is and isn’t a federal crime, what to do if you need a federal crime lawyer, and why it’s never too late to ask for help.

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Why a Federal Crime Attorney in Maryland instead of a Criminal Attorney?

Federal crime attorneys are thoroughly trained and educated individuals who have spent their careers boosting their abilities to defend clients against accusations of the most heinous crimes. Although some federal crimes are the same as state crimes with just a change of location: others are severe crimes that can only be tried as federal crimes.

Although you may think that just any Maryland attorney will work, federal crime lawyers understand the bias that many judges and courtrooms may have and are willing to fight for you regardless of that.

When Would You Need a Maryland Federal Crime Lawyer?

There’s always a need for the right legal aid: but when is it the right time to hire a federal crime lawyer in Maryland? These are examples of federal crimes to help you understand the difference between them and state crimes.


Smuggling is inherently done across either state or country borders, and because of this, it is almost always a federal crime. This crime can be worsened depending on what is being smuggled, whether it’s drugs, counterfeits, or people.

Solicitation to Commit a Crime of Violence

The intent to hire someone to engage in conduct constituting a felony is, in fact, a federal crime. Although many don’t understand this because they’re not the ones physically doing the crime, convincing someone else to break the law isn’t legal either. The sentencing for this can be even worse depending on the crime and whether it was carried out.


Trespassing is only a federal crime when carried out on government property or against government officials. Trespassing can also be considered a federal crime if you have to cross state borders to do it or if it’s paired with other federal crimes.


Treason is the only crime that’s defined in the U.S. Constitution. This consists of not only levying war against the United States as a citizen but also adhering to the enemies or giving enemies aid and comfort. As a citizen of the United States, it’s assumed that your allegiance is owed to it. This can be difficult to fight since the intent is difficult to prove.

Stalking (In Violation of Restraining Order)

Stalking is immediately a federal crime if you have to cross the borders of states or countries to carry it out. The sentencing is made even worse if the stalking in violation of a restraining order was done on government property or against someone who works for the government. Nobody deserves to feel unsafe, so this crime is viewed harshly.

The District Courts of Maryland

Maryland has one district, and due to that, only three courthouses. These are in Baltimore, Greenbelt, and Salisbury. Nevertheless, this state sees its fair share of federal court cases. Because of this, it’s generally easy to find information on how each judge handles a case and how severely federal crimes are punished.

Go over this information with your Maryland lawyer, and build your defense around the judge you expect to face.

What to do When You Need a Federal Crime Lawyer in Maryland

Unfortunately, even innocent people find themselves at the wrong end of an accusation or interrogation. If you’re under suspicion of a federal crime, or you fear that you may be under suspicion soon: it’s time to find a Maryland attorney you can trust. Don’t give law enforcement anything to work off of, since they can use anything you say against you in court.  

Hire the Right Criminal Defense Attorney in Maryland

Everyone deserves their day in court to defend themselves.

Even though 90% of people plead guilty before they even make it to court, you must contact the Zoukis Consulting Group so that we can help you get through this court case.

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