New Mexico Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

New Mexico Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Federal crimes are sentenced more harshly than their state-crime counterparts, which makes it all the more important that someone charged with a federal crime do everything they can to avoid conviction.

It’s not always possible to avoid trouble, but how you behave and interact with the police can make a huge difference. Just as important is the presence of a good lawyer. Here at Zoukis Consulting Group, we’re dedicated to helping you fight federal crime accusations and to protecting your rights at all times.

Below, you’ll find a rundown of federal crimes and information about why you should seek legal counsel before talking to police in New Mexico.

Why a Federal Crime Attorney in New Mexico instead of a Criminal Attorney?

There’s nothing as important when charged with a federal crime as knowing why it’s being considered a federal crime. Sometimes the difference between a federal or a state crime can simply be the location it was completed in.

You must seek out a lawyer who has succeeded in federal court before and knows what they’re doing. This means looking for a New Mexico lawyer that knows federal law inside and out is a must to win, or at least to lessen the sentence, you end up with.

When Would You Need a New Mexico Federal Crime Lawyer?

There’s always a need for the right legal aid, but when is it the right time to hire a federal crime attorney in New Mexico? These are examples of federal crimes to help you understand the difference between them and state crimes.

Mailing Threatening Communications

The USPS system is a government entity that isn’t supposed to be used for crime. If you use this service to mail threatening communications that show intent to harm another person, it can be punished as a serious federal crime. This is elevated further depending on the type of threat written in the mail.


Manslaughter is a serious crime that requires no forethought and isn’t murder, although it involves taking human life. This is a federal crime when committed against a government employee or on government property. Unfortunately, the loss of life can’t be recovered, and so the sentencing for this is severe.

Missile Systems Designed to Destroy Aircraft

Crimes that involve aircraft are almost always federal crimes because they usually don’t have one set jurisdiction and can affect multiple lives and nationalities all at once

In the USA, ownership of missile systems designed to destroy aircraft is a clear sign of intent to commit a crime against an American aircraft. If charged, there’s a chance the perpetrator could also be charged with treason, depending on where they’re located, their history, and if the missile systems have ever been deployed.

Each of these three federal crimes is incredibly different, but they’re all tied to the same court and may end up in the same federal prison if found guilty.

Does Landing in Federal Prison Mean It’s Too Late to Contact a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in New Mexico?

Being found guilty and being sentenced to time in prison doesn’t mean it’s the end of your life outside of federal prison. Instead, it’s time to find a better federal criminal defense lawyer in New Mexico and seek to correct, modify, or reduce your criminal sentence.

Prison can be hard on anyone, so it’s important to get out as soon as you can, as unscathed as possible. The best way to ensure this is to avoid any trouble and keep your head down until your court date.

The District Courts of New Mexico

Due to the low population, New Mexico only has one district but has courthouses in Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Roswell, and Santa Fe. Each courthouse has its own specialty.

It’s a good idea to get to know your local court. Research how the average federal crime cases turn out, and you may be able to find a way to set your case up for success! Then, speak with your New Mexico attorney, and you can get rid of any pre-case anxiety. 

Hire the Right Criminal Defense Attorney in New Mexico

Whether you’ve been charged with medical care fraud or you’re already serving time for manslaughter, having the right New Mexico federal crime attorney on your side is crucial. It can help keep you out of prison or significantly reduce your sentence.

Do you need a lawyer to help you through a federal crime court case? Call the Zoukis Consulting Group today and let us put our expertise to work for you.