New York Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

New York Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

New York may be a small state, but it also faces one of the highest federal crime rates in the country. Federal crimes may seem similar to state-level crimes, but they often care much harsher penalties.

For this reason, if you are accused of a federal crime, it’s important to contact the dedicated defense attorney at Zoukis Consulting Group as soon as possible. We can help provide expert legal advice while making sure your rights are protected through the trial process.

Below, you’ll find some helpful information about federal crimes, how to protect yourself, and what to do if you’re accused of criminal activity in New York.

Why a Federal Crime Lawyer in New York instead of a Criminal Attorney?

Federal crimes are often viewed as more extreme and sentenced more severely than their state-crime counterparts. Because of this, you must find a New York lawyer that knows what they’re talking about and has a great track record for previous federal cases.

Most federal cases either cross-jurisdiction lines, are hazardous to the country’s security, or happen on government property or against government employees. Unfortunately, this means that a slight location change can drastically change how you’re charged, even if you’re trying to prove the crime wasn’t purposeful.

When Would You Need a New York Federal Crime Attorney? 

How do you know when to hire a federal crime lawyer in New York? Here are some examples of federal crimes:

International Parental Kidnapping

International parental kidnapping is exactly what it sounds like. For example, this might mean that during a marital dispute, a mother moves with their daughter to another country to keep them away from the father without any intent to return or any other retention of a child away from their habitual residence.

International Terrorism

International terrorism is something that the US has publically grappled with for over a hundred years and something that it continues to fight. If any American citizen is accused of international terrorism, they will be charged in federal court, with severe sentencing if found guilty.

Interstate Domestic Violence

There are two different offenses under the title of interstate domestic violence. The first is domestic violence, where the abuser travels to abuse their spouse or partner, going from one state into another.

The other version is where the abusive part chases the abused into another state. This can be through force, coercion, duress, or fraud and is usually intended to commit violence against them.


Larceny may seem like a strange item on this list: but any theft from a government building is automatically considered a federal crime. This could mean stealing a crate of printer paper, or it could mean removing files that were supposed to stay within the building.  

The District Courts of New York

New York may be a physically small state, but with the enormous population here, it’s easy to see why this state is split into four different districts. These are named after each cardinal direction, with NYC in the southern district, making it the busiest of them all.

Regardless of which district you end up in, get to know your judge and research the sentencing that generally happens for federal crimes like the one you’re accused of so that you know what to expect. 

What to do When Needing a Federal Crime Attorney in New York

When charged with a federal crime, the worst thing you can do is to panic. The second worst thing you can do is run. Instead, find a federal criminal defense lawyer in New York, and go over what’s happened. Be honest with them to do their best to defend you, and pay attention to any directions they tell you.

The general rules are: don’t talk to officers without your lawyer on hand, don’t allow anyone to search you or your property without a warrant, and don’t make any public statements about the case. If you follow these, you should be fine, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Hire the Right Criminal Defense Attorney in New York

If you’ve been charged with a federal crime in New York, don’t wait another second. Call the lawyers at Zoukis Consulting Group today. We can use our experience and knowledge to ensure your rights are protected and to build the best defense possible.

Your safety, satisfaction, and freedom are our highest priorities. Reach out to Zoukis Consulting Group now.