North Carolina Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

North Carolina Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Federal crimes carry stiff penalties, regardless of which state the convicted party calls home. If you live in North Carolina and are charged with a federal crime, it’s imperative that you get in touch with the dedicated defense attorneys at Zoukis Consulting Group.

Representation is a legal right, but some legal counsel can help more than others. At Zoukis Consulting Group, we specialize in defending clients from federal crime accusations. We will work with you to build the strongest case possible.

Why a Federal Crime Attorney in North Carolina instead of a Criminal Attorney?

Federal crimes are recognized as more intense, yet many aren’t sure why they have that distinction. Federal crimes can be white-collar, vehicular, or more heinous crimes just like state-level crimes can be, but there’s more when it comes to the federal level. 

Federal crimes’ largest distinction is that it involves a blurring of jurisdiction, including crimes that have happened in multiple states or even crossed country borders to happen. These acts can be anything from child trafficking to vandalism; the only thing that connects them is the jurisdiction.

When Would You Need a North Carolina Federal Crime Lawyer?

Unsure of what constitutes a federal crime. While often similar to state crimes, federal crimes come with much more serious punishments. Whatever the nature of the federal crime you have been charged with, you need someone with federal crime experience by your side.

Here are some examples of federal crime charges:

Influencing Juror by Writing

Any criminal activity that’s carried out to influence a juror or sway the outcome of a case unlawfully is a federal crime. Influencing a juror by writing is a version of this that ensures that jurors will make the court case go how the writer wants it to go, whether that’s by offering to pay them, giving them information that wasn’t allowed to come before the court, or other various ways that they can sway the opinion of a juror.

Injuring Officer

Injuring an officer working to uphold the law is an immediate federal offense because these officers are in place to protect and serve and can’t do this if we stop it from being safe for them. But unfortunately, this crime is one that’s been in hot water recently, and despite the conversation in most public settings, it’s still considered a federal crime.

Interference with the Operation of a Satellite

Satellites do more than spin around the Earth. These devices make it easier to translate information, allow pictures to be clearer, and allow for information that’s supposed to be private or only known by the state to be released into the public accidentally.

Does Landing in Federal Prison Mean It’s Too Late to Contact a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in North Carolina?

Most people understand that keeping your head down and doing your best to avoid trouble within the prison system means that you’ll be able to get out sooner. Many don’t realize that getting out on good behavior isn’t the only way to cut your sentence shorter.

If you are in prison, consider reaching out to Zoukis Consulting Group’s federal crime defense lawyers in North Carolina. Discuss the case, what information you could offer to the government, and how soon you could get out of prison. You don’t have to serve your full sentence if you know what you’re doing.

The District Courts of North Carolina

North Carolina varies wildly from one side to the other, so it makes sense that there are three districts in this massive state that takes ten hours to drive from Outer Banks to the gorgeous Rocky Mountains.  

The central district court is the busiest, closest to the state’s capital. If your day in court is here, make sure to get everything as planned out as possible. Due to Camp Lejeune on the eastern coast, this area sees many federal court cases, more than you’d expect to see.  

Hire the Right Criminal Defense Attorney in North Carolina

When choosing the right lawyer to help build a case against federal crime charges, you want someone with knowledge, experience, and dedication. At Zoukis Consulting Group, we pride ourselves on meeting all three of these criteria.

Don’t settle for anything but the best. Contact Zoukis Consulting Group now.