Oklahoma Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Oklahoma Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Ninety percent of people charged with a federal crime plead guilty instead of taking it to court, leaving Oklahoma federal prisons full of people who could potentially have gotten their charges dropped or their sentences reduced.

You deserve your day in court. Call the Zoukis Consulting Group’s federal crime lawyers in Oklahoma for help proving your innocence or reducing your penalties significantly.

Why a Federal Crime Attorney in Oklahoma instead of a Criminal Attorney?

Federal crimes are so severe that their sentences are often multiple times over what you’d expect to be sentenced to if it were a state crime.  A large reason for this distinction is who investigates the crime, where it happened, and what the crime specifically was.

Federal crimes are investigated by the FBI, DEA, and ICE, allowing them to go into further depth than the average law enforcement agency can.  This means that if there’s any information to dig up about you, they’re going to find it.  

Seeking out a federal criminal lawyer in Oklahoma means that you’ll be in safer hands with someone who knows what they’re doing.

When Would You Need an Oklahoma Federal Crime Lawyer?

If you have been charged with a federal crime, you need a federal crime lawyer. General defense lawyers often don’t have the experience or knowledge necessary to adequately defend their clients’ rights in federal crime cases.

Examples of federal crimes include the following:

Computer Crime

Computer crime covers anything from illegally downloading content to cyberbullying and even digital theft; there’s a lot under this simple umbrella term.  Because the internet doesn’t fall under any specific jurisdiction since the internet is global, this is a federal offense instead.

Concealing Escaped Prisoner

It doesn’t matter if it’s someone you believe is innocent or if it’s someone you know and love, concealing an escaped prisoner puts the public’s wellbeing at risk and is considered a federal crime. This can be made worse if you cross state lines in an attempt to help them evade law enforcement.

Concealing Person from Arrest

Like an escaped prisoner, this crime is usually done by someone who personally knows the wanted individual.  Unfortunately, keeping them hidden from law enforcement means that you’re stopping them from being taken in, which is a federal crime since you’re impeding an investigation.

Concealment of Assets

You don’t have to let everything you own be known to the government at all times: but if you’re filing for bankruptcy and you own items of value, you must let it be known you own these.  Otherwise, you can be tried in federal courts for concealing your assets to gain the reward of having a full bankruptcy without giving up everything you own.

Does Landing in Federal Prison Mean It’s Too Late to Contact a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in Oklahoma?

Although this is a reasonable thing to fear, landing in federal prison doesn’t mean that it’s too late to change your sentencing.

Not only can federal sentences be overturned if you help them bring other criminals to justice, but your sentence can also be minimized if you’re able to prove your innocence through new evidence or testimony. Work with an Oklahoma lawyer who understands what you need and is willing to fight for your side of the case.

Be aware that your behavior in prison can also change how your sentence pans out, so be sure to keep your head down and avoid trouble where you can.

The District Courts of Oklahoma

Although Oklahoma’s population may not be as high as other states because of its vast amount of space, it has three districts partitioned by east, north, and west.  Each of these has its track record for federal crimes, so it’s important to get to know your local court, the judge that presides over it, and how much you should expect to deal with when facing your day in court.

Hire the Right Criminal Defense Attorney in Oklahoma

Navigating the complex world of federal crime law can be tricky without exceptional legal counsel by your side. At Zoukis Consulting Group, we take each and every case seriously and make every effort to build the strongest defense possible.

Don’t accept anything less. Call the Zoukis Consulting Group now and let us put our expertise to work on your behalf.