Pennsylvania Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Pennsylvania Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

For many of us, the moment we are arrested or accused of a federal crime isn’t easily forgotten. People often feel a rush of nausea and adrenaline, and end up trying to talk their way out of the situation. This can often be more damaging to their case in the long run, however.

If you are charged with a federal crime in Pennsylvania, don’t incriminate yourself. Instead, reach out to the experienced attorneys at Zoukis Consulting Group immediately. We can ensure that your rights are protected at all times, and also help defend you against all accusations.

Why a Federal Crime Attorney in Pennsylvania instead of a Criminal Attorney?

Federal crimes come with heftier sentences and are researched by more intense agencies: the DEA, FBI, and ICE. Because of this, it’s of paramount importance that you find a lawyer in Pennsylvania that will believe you and is willing to work with you on proving your innocence or lessening your sentencing.

Although many federal and state crimes are similar, their differences boil down to where they were perpetrated, who they were committed against, and how drastic the crime was. If it’s a crime that happened due to you crossing state borders or that occurred against a government employee, it’s immediately a federal crime.

When Would You Need a Pennsylvania Federal Crime Lawyer?

If you have been charged with a federal crime, regardless of the circumstance it’s important to contact a Zoukis Consulting Group lawyer right away.

What kind of offenses are considered federal crimes? Here are some helpful examples:

Contempt of Court

Contempt of court is also referred to as ‘contempt.’  This disobedience of an order of a court can be a refusal to obey a judge or disrupt a court case the legal process in a courtroom. This is a serious crime that will quickly see someone charged in federal court.

Conveying False Information

Conveying false information, also known as a false report, can be charged by federal prosecutors under specific circumstances. The resulting penalties are severe if the accused is convicted of the crime. This crime willfully and maliciously conveys false information despite knowing it could risk someone’s safety to do so.

Copyright law is a major part of our court system and a large part of how businesses can make their goods, or print their ideas, resting easily that nobody else will try to print a version of their work. In addition, many copyright matters go directly to federal court because of the lack of district and how it can affect the country’s financial systems.


Counterfeiting is one of the oldest crimes as far back as history goes. This falsification of everything from money to goods and trying to pass it off as the real thing. This crime is generally considered a federal offense because it can cause ruin to the financial systems that allow the US to run the way it currently does.  

Does Landing in Federal Prison Mean It’s Too Late to Contact a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in Pennsylvania?

It’s never too late to contact a federal criminal defense lawyer, even if you’ve already been sentenced and you’ve served part of it. Your sentence can be reduced or overturned if you’re able to be of assistance in the investigation or prosecution of someone else, or if you’re able to show that you’re an asset to the government in some other way.

Don’t panic. Take the time to figure out the best route to take in your situation by talking with a Zoukis Consulting Group federal crime lawyer in Pennsylvania.

The District Courts of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania has three districts, divided by east, middle, and western, each with its own set of judges. These districts each have extremely different approaches to running their courts, even in covid as the middle district offers fully online court, while the western district isn’t offering any online options at all.  

Most of the larger cities in Pennsylvania have a courtroom, which means you more than likely won’t have to go far if you do have to go in person. Regardless of the differences between them, you should seek out a Pennsylvania attorney who will prove your case in front of anyone.

Hire the Right Criminal Defense Attorney in Pennsylvania

Whether you’re looking to prove your innocence and ensure a verdict of “not guilty” or you’re already imprisoned and looking for a way to reduce your sentence, the Zoukis Consulting Group can help. With a comprehensive knowledge of federal law, our criminal defense attorneys are fully equipped to ensure the best outcome for your case.

Contact the Zoukis Consulting Group now and let us put our experience to work for you.