South Carolina Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

South Carolina Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Federal crimes are some of the most serious offenses a person can be accused of and should be taken seriously above all else. Nevertheless, many don’t fully understand the differences between state and federal crimes.

While often similar to state crimes, federal crimes are charged by the federal government rather than state governments. As a result, they usually carry stiffer penalties, including longer prison sentences and steeper fines.

For this reason, if you have been charged with a federal crime in South Carolina, it’s crucial that you contact the Zoukis Consulting Group immediately. Together, we can connect you with the best possible South Carolina federal criminal defense attorney, begin working on your case, build a defense, and negotiate terms so you can get the best possible outcome.

Why a Federal Crime Lawyer in South Carolina instead of a Criminal Attorney?

Many aren’t sure about the difference between federal and state crimes and therefore aren’t sure if they need to hire a different lawyer for federal court cases. The critical aspect to remember is that a federal lawyer has the experience and skills for these types of cases.

Although a general criminal defense lawyer can be helpful, most limit their knowledge to state-level offenses. If you are charged with a federal crime, it’s essential to find someone who knows federal law inside and out.

When Would You Need a South Carolina Federal Crime Attorney? 

The intricacies of federal law mean that any time you are accused of a federal crime, you need the expertise of a dedicated federal crime lawyer. But what constitutes a federal crime? Here are a few examples:

Bank Robbery

Bank robbery is a major crime of stealing money from a federal institution; it’s should come as no surprise why this is considered a federal Bank robbery is a serious crime of stealing money from a federal financial institution. It should come as no surprise why this is considered a federal crime. An example is an armed bank robbery, which is charged more severely depending on aggravating factors, such as whether the crime involved violence or firearms.


Blackmail against a federal government official or anyone working in a federally insured financial institution is a federal crime. While typical blackmail is often a state crime, if the target is a federal government official or employee, then the case is federal. Likewise, if the internet, telephones, or U.S. Mail were used in the commission of the offense, then it could be a federal crime. Additionally, if the blackmail crosses state lines, it may be charged as a federal crime.

Bombing Matters

Bombing matters, on the other hand, are extremely dangerous and leave many people at risk at one time. Moreover, bomb plots and actual bombings are typically charged as federal terrorism crimes. This is particularly the case when the bombing is designed to influence or affect federal government conduct.

Breaking and Entering Carrier Facilities

Anyone who breaks the lock or seal of any aircraft, motor truck, vessel, railroad car, wagon, or other vehicle or pipeline system with the intent to commit larceny is breaking and entering a carrier facility. These vehicles move constantly, so they’re under no particular state’s jurisdiction, so it’s automatically considered a federal crime.

The District Courts of South Carolina

South Carolina has one district, and eleven judges preside over its cases. This limited number means that although you might not like the initially assigned judge, you run the risk of getting a better or worse federal judge if you request a new one.

It’s vital that regardless of what judge you end up with, you look into their case history and research with your South Carolina attorney to determine how to defend your case. This will give you the best chance at success.

What to do When Needing a Federal Crime Attorney in South Carolina

If you’re facing federal criminal charges, it can be easy to become overwhelmed and make rash decisions in a panic.

Before you make any drastic moves, including talking to the authorities, get in contact with the Zoukis Consulting Group. We can connect you with a competent and experienced federal criminal defense lawyer in South Carolina. We will guide you through what to say and do, and we will ensure your rights are protected.

Hire the Right Criminal Defense Attorney in South Carolina

If you have been accused of a federal crime in South Carolina or are currently serving time in a South Carolina federal prison, contact Zoukis Consulting Group today.

Our team of experienced prison consultants can help guide you through the process. Likewise, we may be able to help you prove your innocence, secure a reduction in your prison time, or refer you to competent counsel to defend yourself in court.

Don’t wait. Every second that passes could make all the difference between freedom or jail. Call Zoukis Consulting Group today.