Texas Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Texas Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Texas has one of the highest incarceration rates not only in America but in the world, with an estimated 840 people out of 100,000 currently imprisoned in some kind of correction or detention facility.

Of these incarcerations, the longest sentences are reserved for federal crime convictions. Although many federal crimes are similar in nature to state-level crimes, they carry much harsher penalties, including lengthy prison sentences and expensive fines.

If you’ve been charged with a federal crime in Texas, it’s important you know what that means. It’s also important to employ the services of a knowledgeable Zoukis Consulting Group defense attorney. We can help you evade conviction or reduce the terms of your punishment.

Why a Federal Crime Lawyer in Texas instead of a Criminal Attorney?

Federal crimes are investigated by the FBI, DEA, and ICE, while state-level crimes are generally investigated by local law enforcement. This means that if you’re facing federal charges, you could see a lot of dirt dug up against you that could harm your character. 

Many want to avoid the entire song and dance of this and plead guilty, which is why 90% of federal cases end in this way. In fact, only 2% of federal criminal cases go to court, but only half of those are found guilty.

This is why it’s important to retain professional legal counsel when fighting a federal crime charge in Texas. It could make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

When Would You Need a Texas Federal Crime Attorney? 

Federal crimes are offenses that specifically violate US federal laws, not just state laws. As such, you need a defense attorney with practical and comprehensive federal law experience.

A few examples of federal crimes include the following:

Computer Crime

Computer crimes are any and all crimes that are committed with the aid of the internet. This can be cyberbullying, phishing, or even illegally downloading content. The main reason this is a federal crime is because there’s no one jurisdiction that covers all of the internet since it’s a global resource.

Concealing Escaped Prisoner

If someone escapes prison, generally, they need to get back in to be able to finish the sentence that they earned from misbehavior. Although it’s unfortunate if this is the case and it’s someone you care about, harboring an escaped prisoner is illegal. Worse, if you’re not careful, you risk physical harm along with the legal dangers.

Concealing Person from Arrest

If you conceal someone from arrest, you’re stopping the law from being able to give them their day in court and allowing them to waste the resources that will be spent trying to locate them.

This is a federal crime because it impedes the ability for the legal system to function the way it should, and it leaves possible criminals on the streets that shouldn’t be. If you’re concealing someone from arrest, it’s a good idea to convince them to turn themselves in before you get sunk into trouble with them.

The District Courts of Texas

Texas is a massive state with four districts and four federal district courts. These are divided up by north, south, east, and west. Although all portions have a lot of experience with federal cases, the southern district, where Houston, Laredo, and Galveston are included, often allow the lightest sentencing and a better chance at getting your case to go smoothly.

You still need a Texas attorney who will fight for you, but having courts that support your needs can be reassuring.  

What to Do When You Need a Federal Crime Attorney in Texas

Texas is a loud and proud state when it comes to an individual’s rights, so you mustn’t allow an accusation of a crime to make you forget what your rights are. Officers may try to trick you into answering questions or talking to them, or even allowing them onto your property without a warrant.

Still, you must do everything you can to combat this behavior politely and calmly until your lawyer is by your side. Let your lawyer talk you through what to do, and you won’t be able to talk yourself into trouble.

Hire the Right Criminal Defense Attorney in Texas

Don’t become another statistic in the growing Texas incarceration rate. The Zoukis Consulting Group can help you prove your innocence or drastically reduce the terms of your sentence. Set up an appointment with one of our federal crime attorneys in Texas today.