“Guilty by Reason of Arrest – School to Prison Pipeline 2013”

“Guilty by Reason of Arrest – School to Prison Pipeline 2013”

About Terrance Tykeem

Author, Recording Artist and former NFL walk-on. Many around the country remember him for his 90’s hit single, “If You Can’t Learn To Love Her“ Which  Received national attention on radio and tv, as well as taking part in major events such the cash money ruff ryder tours and producing TV shows for BET & VH1. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Terrance Tykeem was thrust into the System which opened his eyes to the injustices of Prison for Profit, Mass Incarceration, Schools to Prison Pipeline and its impact on communities of color. This experience prepared him to write the book, Guilty By Reason of Arrest.


To wake the community up to the fact that justice is more bigoted than it is blind when one in every five Black and Hispanic man between the ages of 18-39 are incarcerated, more than 66% of which are for nonviolent offenses. 

Exposing the Schools to Prison Pipeline

The criminal justice system’s relentless pursuits now include jailing our children by sending kids to court instead of the Principal’s Office. A kindergartner was handcuffed for throwing a temper tantrum. A student was arrested for throwing an eraser.  Civil right groups call this the “school to prison pipeline. Conduct that a generation ago would’ve meant a trip to the principal’s office now lands kids in court. Find out the real deal about Mass Incarceration, School to Prison Pipeline and Prison for Profit in Terrance Tykeem’s book, Guilty By Reason of Arrest which is available at Amazon.com.  Image courtesy mbphilly.com

Non-Profit Ad Campaign

As a companion piece to the book, Guilty By Reason of Arrest, Terrance Tykeem is creating a Public Service Announcement for TV and Radio, called “Familiar Faces Against Mass Incarceration” featuring local/national dignitaries, politicians athletes and celebs to educate the public about the growing issue of Mass Incarceration. To date, the ad will feature Radio Personalities Patty Jackson, Loraine Ballard Morrill, Pastor Alyn E. Waller of Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church, State Reps Ron Waters and Michelle Brownlee, Rappers Freeway, Gillie Da Kid & Black Thought of the Hip Hop Band The Roots, Ramona Africa, DeSean Jackson, Actor/Comedian Michael Blackson and many others.

Speaking Tour

Terrance Tykeem, who calls out the injustices of the prison system against our community has embarked upon a speaking tour, entitled: Exposing the Schools to Prison Pipeline. Terrance and his ever-evolving list of guest speakers will offer a riveting speech/performance that will captivate the audience from start to finish and successfully enlighten and encourage change in both the young and mature in attendance.

This event is geared towards the schools and other organizations where large number of children and adults are being gathered. It is a one hour and 30-minute program that will feature speakers such as; Politicians, Ex-Offenders, Radio Personalities, Athletes and Rappers, and will end with a Presentation from Author/Performer Terrance Tykeem, who will Narrate from his book, “GUILTY BY REASON OF ARREST”. Web link for powerful videos below:

To schedule this event Or Terrance By himself. Contact: [email protected]