Hire a Federal Immigration Attorney for Unlawful U.S. Entry Charges

U.S. immigration law requires you to present legalized documents to the relevant authorities before entering or residing in the country.

If you try to violate the law, the immigration authorities may impose severe penalties on you for threatening the country’s security and safety.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about unlawful entry and remaining in the United States. You can call the Zoukis Consulting Group today to schedule a consultation on your charges. We will go to court with you if needed to see your rights are upheld.

What Is Unlawful Entry?

Unlawful entry entails entering a country in violation of the existing immigration laws. You may be convicted of this offense if you sneak across the U.S. border or use false representation to lure the immigration inspection unit. Examples include:

  • Presenting fake passports to the U.S. immigration authorities
  • Crossing borders in areas without proper surveillance by U.S. officers
  • Using fake marriage claims to get your way into the United States
  • Entering the country through the help of a human smuggler

You can ask your immigration attorney or refer to section 275 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) for more information on illegal entry into the U.S.

Are There Criminal Penalties For Illegal Entry Into U.S.?

The penalties that you might face for trying or committing immigration crimes may partly depend on the number of times you may have crossed the U.S. border illegally as follows:

  • If you have committed the offense for the first time, you can be fined or incarcerated for six months, or both
  • If you previously committed the same crime, you can be fined or jailed for two years or both

However, the penalty can be weightier if you try to reenter the U.S. after being deported from the country for certain crimes. For instance:

  • You might be fined, detained for ten years, or both if the immigration authorities removed you from the country for committing a felony
  • You could be fined or detained for 20 years or both if the authorities deported you for committing an aggravated felony

By considering how serious the immigration authorities are in dealing with the violators, the penalties may be too harsh for some people. If you find yourself convicted of any offense related to unlawful entry, you should hire a Professional Immigration Attorney to help you with your situation.

What Is Unlawful Presence/ Remaining In U.S. Illegally?

Unlawful presence refers to overstaying in the United States in violation of the existing immigration laws. Remaining in the U.S. illegally can apply if:

  • You overstay your visa beyond the stipulated duration. For instance, if you are an international student, your visa may only extend for the study period. If you remain in the country after your visa has expired, you need the help of a federal immigration lawyer to legalize your documents.
  • You entered into the U.S. illegally and failed to take the necessary legal measures. If you find yourself in this mess, you don’t have to pile your immigration crimes by remaining in the country illegally. Instead, find a federal immigration attorney to help you out.

Are There Any Exceptions For Unlawful Presence?

Yes. You may qualify for exemption from unlawful presence if:

  • You accumulated unlawful presence when you were still under 18
  • You benefit from a family unity program and your authorized period is still valid
  • Your otherwise unlawful presence was due to severe human trafficking in which you are a victim
  • You have applied for an extension of your visa period, and you don’t stay in the country for more than 120 days before the approval

What Options Are There To Change From Unlawful Immigrant To A Permanent U.S. Citizen?

The U.S. immigration authorities offer minimal options to change from unlawful resident to a permanent U.S. citizen. You can change your immigration status by:

  • Marrying a U.S. citizen
  • Joining the U.S. military
  • Applying for the cancellation of removal through an immigration court
  • Seeking an asylum
  • Qualifying for a temporary protected status

You need the guidance of an experienced federal immigration lawyer to determine which option you qualify most and take you through the process.

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